OSU taking on hunger, obesity issues

OSU is pretty much rocking in the area of public health these days.

Los Angeles Times recently highlighted OSU researchers’ work in their Booster Shots blog.

Basically, Brad Cardinal in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, faculty member Sam Vuchinich and former doctoral student Kin-Kit Li found that the more people worry about their health, the less likely they are to exercise and the more prone they are to health problems in later life. Cardinal recommends that family and friends stop using fear tactics to get that loved one to exercise or eat better – all it does is just make that person’s anxiety rise, and their ability to deal with problem drops.

OSU health researchers are working on many issues surrounding the obesity crisis, as well as nutrition, exercise and aging issues. Renee Carr does extension and outreach around the areas of nutrition and exercise in the Portland area. Renee is currently a developing an exercise program in a Portland area school. And Anne Hoisington is working on the hunger crisis through her extension efforts in Portland. Anne has developed a course to help health professionals identify at-risk families and direct them to community resources for help. In her research, Anne learned that doctors and nurses wanted help forming strategies to work with their patients. The free, five-module course, “Childhood Food Insecurity: Health Impacts, Screening and Intervention,” is available at http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/hunger

These are just two of the many ways OSU researchers are taking action on the obesity and hunger crisis in Oregon.

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