All I want for the Holidays…

This is my wish list for the Holiday season. Hopefully I have been good enough to deserve a few of them. Oh, and yes I am a die hard Beaver fan, alum and current staff member. So my list is pretty biased, but you want what you want, right?

  • I want the Beaver football team to find success in Vegas. They are taking on BYU in the Maaco Bowl. ESPN ranks it as one of the top 7 bowls to watch.Ultimate Tailgating chair
  • I’ve spent 6 years now tailgating with crappy lawn chairs. Next season I want to be the king of the castle. These chairs have more options than my Volvo. They even have heated seats. Do I need to say more?
  • I want all OSU students to get good results on their fall finals. Getting a bad grade going into the break just sucks.
  • I’ve noticedReser Stadium Panorama these cropping up around campus and I am dying to get one. It is a panoramic picture of Reser Stadium. There is something about the stadium that just gets me a little excited. The company that makes them even gives a portion of the sale back to OSU if you use the promo code ORSU5. Talk about a sweet deal.
  • This is kind of an odd one, but I want to see some of this blue pigment that OSU researchers found. To think that they uncovered something (accidentally) that people have been trying to find for thousands of year’s just blows my mind. College Vault Book
  • I thought about getting one for my dad (rabid OSU football fan) but decided that I want one for myself. The OSU Football Vault: History of the Beavers.
  • If there is one sport that I am truly amazed by, it’s Gymnastics. The things they do make my jaw drop, every time. For the holidays I hope that they make it back to the NCAA tournament!
  • I walked through the bookstore the other day and saw a Beavers keyboard.keyboard I don’t care what features it has, what it costs or if it will even work with my computer. I just have to have one.
  • At first I was hesitant, but now I am proud to say that I really want a Snuggie. I mean it has arms!!! I can finally play Guitar Hero and stay warm at the same time.
  • Lastly, and most important. I wish that all OSU students, staff, faculty, alumni and fans have great Holidays. Enjoy your time with friends and family. Be ready to rock another term and start 2010 off with a bang.

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