Watch Powered by Orange

Over the past several months we’ve spoken to some of Oregon State’s best researchers and students who are experts in the areas of food, energy and water. We wanted to show Oregon State’s impact in these areas…which, really, wasn’t all that hard. You can’t walk into a building on this campus without running into someone who’s making a difference. Not to mention our Extension offices around the state, research sites around the country, and around the world – from China to Patagonia to Antarctica.

We thought a good way to show you our reach was to produce a video series that highlights these people. And the Powered by Orange video project was born.

We got to talk to viticulturist Patty Skinkis, who told us about increasing the quality of wine grapes in Oregon while decreasing vine vegetative vigor and cost of production; we talked to Hong Liu, who told us about how harvesting energy from wastewater can have global implications, especially for developing countries; fish biologist Carl Schreck described how he can monitor changes in the climate by understanding changes in fish physiology.

So, check out the videos to your left, and enjoy – and thanks for watching! Feel free to comment on these videos, or comment here and suggest some more subjects for us to work with. And stay Powered by Orange.

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