When food and shelter are bigger worries than midterms

For some students, writing an essay or studying for an exam might be the biggest worry they face during the term. But for others, knowing where they’re going to sleep, or where their next meal is coming from, is a constant source of fear and concern.

On the surface, students who are sleeping in their cars or struggling to pay for food don’t look all that different, so the issue may not be one that is readily apparent. Also,  students whose fundamental needs aren’t being met are likely to also struggle with smaller issues, like getting to class or turning in their assignments on time.

In September 2009, the doors of the Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) opened to provide a place for students facing major challenges to their survival. Staffed part time by GTA DeeDee Overholser and five to seven undergraduate students, the center is housed in 233 Snell Hall as part of the ASOSU community.

Read more about them in a recent LIFE@OSU story.

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