Oregon State Sustainability Coordinator one of the state’s top young innovators

Brandon Trelstad, OSU’s sustainability coordinator, demonstrates how the treadmill used by Mike Kauffman, right, can power three lightbulbs. Although the lightbulb trick is purely for demonstration purposes, the amount of energy produced does correspond with how hard the person is working out on the machine. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

Congratulations to three Oregon State community members who made the 1000 Friends of Oregon list of “35 Innovators Under 35.”

Oregon State’s Sustainability Coordinator Brandon Trelstad was chosen by the group, which dedicates itself to conservation and sustainability, because he helped make Oregon State the 4th largest university purchaser of renewable energy in the country. He was also chosen because he serves as the university’s Alternative Transportation Coordinator and was crucial in managing the development of OSU’s climate action plan.

Last year, Trelstad was instrumental in acquiring 22 elliptical exercise machines that collect power from students working out and feeding it back into the power grid.

Student Andrea Norris served as director of the ASOSU Environmental Task Force and successfully initiated efforts to enact a student-funded Green Energy Fee. The Fee, which funds the purchase of enough renewable energy to offset about 72% of the campus’ electricity usage, helped us earn that 4th place ranking.

Kathy Freeborn Hadley, who is recognizable as a ‘TV star’ from the Measure 49 campaign, is also involved in biofuels research through Oregon State and the Oregon Deparatment of Agriculture. She teaches Intro to Agribusiness and a Crop and Soil Science Seminar here.

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