Impact 2012


President Edward J. Ray

President Edward J. Ray

It’s a word we use regularly to describe the work that goes on at Oregon State University. Our impact is specific and measurable. It is wide-ranging as well as personal. And it is deeply ingrained into our culture. For more than 140 years, we have made a positive and significant difference across this state on what’s most important for Oregonians.

At Oregon State, we have an unwavering commitment to excellence: in our academic classrooms and laboratories where faculty teaching inspires students to expand their minds and develop the knowledge to achieve their goals; in cutting-edge research; and through Extension Service outreach and engagement in communities throughout Oregon.

And while we are proud and deeply committed to serve as Oregon’s land grant university, OSU’s impact reaches well beyond Oregon. Our contribution and impact extend across the U.S. and throughout the world and range from the microscopic innovation of nanoscience to the vast universe within our oceans.

Detailed within this report (pdf) are specific measurements — and many narrative examples — of Oregon State University’s impact.

Yet, measuring the recent and current impact of the university is not nearly enough.

Today, we reaffirm and expand our commitment to the future:

  • To further engage OSU in vibrant, innovative and impactful industry research and partnerships to propel the economy, retain employment and create new businesses and jobs.
  •  To broaden the contributions of OSU’s Extension Service throughout the state by increasingly serving the specific needs of Oregon’s urban and rural communities.
  • To expand teaching, research and promotion of public health initiatives that improve quality of life by expanding focus on preventative care, healthy lifestyle habits, exercise and improved nutrition.
  • To invest in strategic leadership, engagement, programs and commitments that improve the economy and quality of life in the Portland area.
  • To enhance the wise use and protection of natural resources to ensure their vital sustainability for generations to come.

I hope you enjoy this report of the impacts our faculty, students and alumni are making in the economy, in communities and in people’s lives.

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Edward J. Ray

Oregon State University

5 Responses to “Impact 2012”

  1. mike sreniawski says:

    Where does one find the report President Ray mentions in the last paragraph?

  2. My daughter-in-law who lives in Philomath send me this and I’m very impressed. While in California where I live, is cutting back on academic outreach, you are increasing it. You must have some extremely forward thinking people at OU and I commend you all for your insight as well as your foresight.

  3. Okay, please define “moderation” in this context for me since it appears to relate to my comments about the exemplary letter sent out by President Edward Ray. Have I done something you interpret as wrong?

  4. Mike Sreniawski says:

    I originally posted this question over a week ago but haven’t heard back and don’t see it here ….

    Where exactly is the Impact 2012 Report? Is this page the sum of it or are we supposed to follow the links at the top such as the one on this page titled ” $2.06 Billion and Growing”?

    If the latter, how far back are we supposed to go in the list of previous stories?


  5. says:


    Thanks for writing, and we apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We also apologize that the report isn’t easy to navigate on the site. Although we know that you’ve already done the legwork in finding the rest of it, we figured we’d clue others in on that info in this response as well. The report is composed of the following posts, which were posted Jan 10-19 on the blog:

    Impact 2012
    $2.06 Billion and Growing
    By the Numbers
    Enriching the Workforce
    Supporting Oregon’s Economy
    Oregon’s Preeminent Research University
    Our Impact in Portland
    Next Steps

    Thanks, and we’ll be better at getting back to you next time, Mike.