Blending Art and Science

A second major? Why not ?

Hannah came to OSU wanting to find a career where she could work outside, which led her to horticulture. But she always had an interest in art as well, having grown up painting with her grandmother. And because her small high school didn’t offer art classes, she decided she would regret not taking them here. Still, to take many of the courses she was interested in required being in the art program. “I thought, why not?” So she took on a second major.

Art informs science and vice versa

At first, it might not seem like her two majors have anything in common, but Hannah found they do. During an internship at OSU’s Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture, she not only conducted scientific variety trials, but also took photographs depicting sustainable horticulture practices. “What I can apply from art is to help people see horticulture visually,” she says. “Explaining something scientific in a visual way helps make it more understandable to the general public.” And while art has helped her think creatively about horticulture, she’s found science has helped her think more analytically when approaching an art project.

Art, language and culture

Hannah took a number of her studio art classes while studying in Italy. As with adding a second major, she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity while she could. She had previously taken some Italian classes and had some tutoring while in Italy, so her language classes now are more like review. “Studying there helped make it stick,” she says. But the best part of study abroad was experiencing a different culture and the friends she made there. Big school becomes smaller Coming from a small high school, Hannah had heard OSU might be too big, but she doesn’t think it’s true. “The longer you’re here, the smaller it becomes,” she says. “Staff and faculty are very supportive. If you want help, you can find it. We have a lot of students, but if you want to meet people or make connections, it’s definitely possible.”

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