Finding Her Voice

Native American heritage

Neebin is a member of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation. She sees Native American culture as creatively rich, but in pursuing a degree in graphic design, she found Native Americans — along with other minorities — were underrepresented in the field. “I think that needs to change,” she says. “It’s important that other people’s voices and perspectives be included.”

Honors College thesis

Neebin chose to write her Honors thesis on the lack of Native voices in graphic design, ways to bring more Native Americans into the field and how all designers can more effectively reach Native audiences while respecting their symbols and culture. And in the second part of her thesis, Neebin put the idea into practice, developing a line of hoodies and T-shirts featuring Native designs. She says the goal was to present her culture in a readily accessible form and promote a positive sense of identity for Native youth.

Honors College Experience

A highlight for Neebin has been the small classes and one-on-one, discussion-based learning. “I learn better when I can talk to people,” she says. She also recommends getting to know the professors. “They’ve been very supportive of my path, learning about myself and exploring my culture,” she says. “Talk to them. They love that interaction.”

Becoming well-rounded

Neebin gives a lot of the credit to the different kinds of people she’s met and become friends with at OSU, many of whom are also of mixed races. Hearing other perspectives has taught her about self-respect and respecting others. And she’s put those beliefs into practice by working for Diversity Development, first at the Native American Longhouse, and then at the Black Cultural Center. “It was outside of my comfort zone, but I learned so much,” she says. “By listening and learning from other people, you find your own voice.”

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