Looking for something? Find it at Beaver Nation.

Welcome to Beaver Nation! Now that you’ve taken the short tour, you might feel like you have all the answers. While catching up on sleep and knowing where to find caffeine are important, what’s most essential is that you find success during your time at Oregon State. With access to world class facilities and people, the sky’s the limit. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your OSU Experience.

Get Involved!

Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) provides opportunities for students to engage in shaping a better self and a better world. Through clubs and organizations, SLI creates meaningful and diverse opportunities for leadership development and involvement experiences that cultivate positive social change on campus and around the world. And making your community a better place isn’t the only benefit: students who are more involved in activities have greater academic success. And speaking of…

Academic Success

If studying solo at the library isn’t your thing, Oregon State has plenty of other options. The Writing Center is a free service for all students offering help with writing projects at any stage. The Academic Success Center provides academic coaching, supplemental instructions, and other learning services. It doesn’t matter if you feel you’re falling behind or if you want to get even further ahead of the competition: these services are always ready to help.


Dixon Recreation Center is the place to get fit at Oregon State. State of the art weight and cardio machines are available throughout the building, several of which are connected to the power grid. When you’re working out at Dixon, you’re creating energy for the rest of the University! Dixon offers free tours and fitness assessments to its new members.


The office of Student Health Services can be found inside Dixon as well. Their mission is to provide medical and health promotion services, create a safe environment for everyone at Oregon State, honor diversity and meet community and individual health and wellness needs. And because we know a healthy mind goes with a healthy lifestyle, professional at Counseling and Psychological Services are always ready to provide support. You’re always welcome to give their Mind Spa a try. At Oregon State, wellness is part of our mission.

The Memorial Union

For many at Oregon State, the Memorial Union becomes the center of life on campus. It serves as a meeting place for friends on campus. The main lounge always makes a list of favorite spots on campus. The commons offer a variety of dining options. It is also home to many student organizations as well as Java Stop – a favorite campus coffee shop. We like our coffee!

Valley Library

Generally, Valley Library is open 24 hours a day Monday-Thursday, and offers everything dedicated students need to succeed. The library catalog is online and always at your disposal. Equipment including computers, lockers, copiers, printers, and tablet devises are available for use and rental inside the library. Study rooms and small conference rooms are available for individual and group study.

Construction around Campus

Oregon State is growing! That means, sometimes it takes patience when you’re walking or driving around certain areas of campus. Most notably, there is currently construction on Austin Hall, the future home of the College of Business, on Jefferson Way next to the Women’s Building and across the street from Weatherford Hall.

Food …and Coffee

We all love our coffee, but at Oregon State we know it’s important to make healthy nutrition choices. Dining Services makes that easy. Many of your questions about what kind of food is available on campus down to daily menu options is answered on their website. If you eat on campus often enough, consider a meal plan or joining the Orange Rewards program, which offers a discount on the food items you enjoy most.

For even more information about what to do when you’re new at Oregon State visit New Student Programs & Family Outreach.

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