Moms Weekend tradition continues

This year, thousands of mothers and family members will join their students on the campus of Oregon State University for a weekend celebration. Moms and Family Weekend was started by members of Greek organizations in the mid 1920s and has grown ever since. The event now involves organizations across campus including cultural centers, the Memorial Union Program Council, Craft Center and Dixon Recreation Center.

Jessica Hammock, a sophomore interior design major, and Caitie Karcher, a junior human development and family sciences major, are two of the event’s coordinators. Their goal was to heighten and improve the traditions associated with Moms Weekend.

“We have our traditional events such as the wine garden, morning breakfast on Saturday and massages,” Hammock said. “This year, the wine garden in the Quad will be a change from last year.”

Every purchase made in the wine garden will benefit a charity, and half of the profit of every bottle sold is donated to partner causes.

Karcher said the theme, ‘Once Upon a Time,’ is traditional and nostalgic.

“We want the moms and students to make memories on this weekend that will last forever,” Karcher said.

Family Roots

Brad, Conor and Max Bettendorf are three brothers that have continued their family’s memories and tradition at Oregon State.

Tiffani, their mother, and an alumna herself, said her sons’ Oregon State roots run deep.

“Their grandfather attended and played baseball here on scholarship and their grandmother was a cheerleader during the 1957 Rose Bowl. They have uncles, cousins, and the whole family!”

The Bettendorfs are a three-generation Oregon State family.

Tiffani has many fond memories of Oregon State Moms and Family Weekend.

“I loved Moms Weekend. I invited my mom, aunt, and grandma. I couldn’t wait to go myself,” she said.

“I was a cheerleader in high school and when I visited Oregon Campuses through that, I just fell in love with how beautiful this campus was over other Oregon schools, and that is how I decided to attend Oregon State,” Tiffani said. “I didn’t know I’d marry into a family that had such deep roots at this school.”

Lasting Memories

The family’s oldest son, Brad Bettendorf is a senior studying business information systems while also working as an accounting assistant at the Oregon State alumni center. Brad, like the rest of his family, loves Oregon State football.

“We tailgate every season, we always go to football games and Moms and Dads Weekends are never skipped,” Brad said.

In fact, it’s hard to miss the Bettendorfs during tailgating season.

“We have an RV that we call the ‘Beaver Mobile,’ that is decked out in Beaver stuff,” Tiffani said. “We tailgate all the way to the game and park it. It’s really fun from the start to the finish.”

Conor agreed.

“I see my friends posting pictures of it online during football season, not even knowing it’s mine and saying cool stuff about it. It’s really funny,” he said.

Conor is the second-oldest son, who is studying in the College of Business.

The Bettendorfs hope to continue their legacy at Oregon State for generations to come.

“I attended Linn Benton my first year here and just fell in love with everything here, I had to stay,” he said.

Max, the third-oldest, is a freshman studying digital communications. He said he chose Oregon State because staying close to his family was important to him.

“It means more to me that it’s a tradition to be here and it’s important to my family that I’m a part of it and I love to be a part of it,” he said.

Participating in events like Moms Weekend are part of building the kind of lasting connection to Oregon State that the Bettendorf family has.

“I love Moms Weekend,” Tiffani said. “I book a year in advance!”

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