OSU and Corvallis see livability gains

Number of calls for service chart

This chart shows the trend of the past three years in Corvallis Police Department calls for services on community livability issues such as disturbances, fights, alcohol violations and loud party complaints. Source: Corvallis Police Department 2014

The Corvallis Police Department reports that calls for police response to disturbances, fights, alcohol violations and loud parties have decreased over the past three years. Dave Henslee, police department captain, suggests that local pride and a commitment to solving problems are responsible for the trend.

“Community livability is extremely important to the people of Corvallis,” he says. “When issues arise that have negative impacts on our quality of life, we work swiftly to mitigate or eliminate them.

“Over the past few years, organizations and individuals have strengthened relationships and worked closely to reduce the negative impacts of nuisance crimes in Corvallis. New initiatives and increased communication are holding people accountable for meeting community expectations and breaking the law,” he adds.

For example, owners of rental property are now emailed within 24 hours if a tenant receives a Special Response Notice from the city for police enforcement at that rental property address. Meanwhile, Oregon State’s Office of Student Conduct receives weekly reports of citations issued by the police department and tracks those to determine if Oregon State students are involved. If a student is involved, a number of responses are initiated by the university, including a student conduct review process and possible sanctions.

For more information about OSU’s responses to community livability concerns, contact corvalliscommunityrelations@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-8606.

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