Q&A with Jerry Duerksen & Assciates, Inc. on neighborhood livability efforts

Have Collaboration Corvallis efforts and recommendations improved neighborhood livability?  If so, how?

Collaboration Corvallis work groups and recommendations have improved neighborhood livability — substantially in some areas.

For us here at Duerksen & Associates and the newly formed Rental Property Management Group, the biggest success story is the cooperation of the Corvallis Police Department and Oregon State in assisting property managers with tenant issues. All tenant problems are clearly not associated with Oregon State students, but those that are will be promptly dealt with. We are getting far fewer calls from concerned neighbors whether it is a student-related matter or not.

Overall, this is undoubtedly the best year we have ever had in regard to complaints from concerned citizens.

How might property managers encourage a commitment from their tenants, including students, to uphold Corvallis community values?

A Our goal is to have every landlord in Corvallis, not just property managers, totally on board in regard to how the OSU-Collaboration Corvallis project is working. Landlords can play a pivotal role in communicating their expectations to their tenants. For example, our staff goes into great detail at the initial signing of a lease about what we expect in regard to noise, parties and what we expect the property to look like when a renter leaves.

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