Giving back to the community that supported him

Carlos Garcia and Benny BeaverCarlos Garcia returned to his hometown of Corvallis to take a job with Oregon State Athletics. As the marketing, groups and community engagement coordinator, Garcia works with local schools and nonprofit organizations to develop programming and events for Corvallis youth.

It’s a role that’s tailor-made for Garcia, 29, who spent his high school years working at the Corvallis Boys & Girls Club. While attending Oregon State, he was a student manager for the football team, doing everything from setting up equipment at practices to helping with the team’s laundry.

The first in his family to graduate from high school and college, Garcia faced more challenges in his youth than many people endure their entire lives. While in high school, he lost both parents, who each battled drug addictions, and he worked hard to help his three siblings move on with their lives.

“I’m honored to be in a position where I can positively affect the community of Corvallis,” Garcia says. “I plan to be a role model in the community — just as many community members were to me as a youth.”

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