OSU care network supports student well-being


New student life leaders (left to right) Raphelle Rhoads, Jonathan Stoll and Leslie Schacht Drey.

The Office of Student Life oversees the OSU Care Network, a collaboration of four cross-campus teams to support student success by directly responding to student concerns and campus safety issues:

Student Assistance Team

Helps faculty, staff, advisors and students navigate non-academic student issues, university policy and questions about university resources.

Community Care Team

Provides regular opportunities for departments from across the university to identify trends and behavior patterns that may impact the campus community, proactively explore issues on other campuses or in Corvallis that could impact students and discuss gaps in systems that support students.

Student Care Team

Provides referrals and resources to support students facing challenges such as unexpected life events, personal crises, mental health struggles and academic difficulties.

Threat Assessment Team

Uses national best practices to develop protocols for response to actual or potential violence; evaluates potential threats and suitable responses; and offers opportunities for training on awareness, prevention and response.


Among the recommendations implemented from Collaboration Corvallis — a joint effort by the city of Corvallis and Oregon State University to enhance livability and minimize the impacts of enrollment growth — are three positions in the Office of Student Life:

Jonathan Stoll | Director, Corvallis Community Relations

Jon Stoll came to Oregon State in 2014 and works to build channels of communication and partnership between students, neighbors, community organizations, the city of Corvallis and the university.

“I’ve tried to be as visible and accessible to the community as possible,” he says.

Having moved from the Bay Area, Stoll says he loves Corvallis’ small town feel, parks and hiking trails, often riding his bike to work.

Raphelle Rhoads | Conduct Officer, Student Conduct and
Community Standards

Raphelle Rhoads responds to off-campus conduct matters involving students. She believes it’s important for students to recognize the responsibilities they have as residents of Corvallis.

“Students work with me to carve out personal plans that center on healthy, purposeful and productive lives in both the campus and Corvallis communities,” Rhoads says.

Leslie Schacht Drey | Director, Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Leslie Schacht Drey joined Oregon State in July and works with fraternities and sororities on leadership, philanthropy, education and other initiatives to make connections with the Corvallis community and other Oregon State students.

“I love the close-knit community and have felt very welcomed by the kind residents of my new city,” Schacht Drey says.

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