Randy Ocampo: Veteran, staff member, alumnus, MBA student


Randy Ocampo has multiple roles at Oregon State University.

“I need to be doing something different all the time,” says the seven-year Navy veteran, who earned a computer science degree in June. He’s now in his second term as an MBA student in business analytics.

“In computer engineering or software engineering, you can get kind of pigeonholed,” he says. “But you can go anywhere with business.”

Ocampo, a married, 36-year-old father of two, also works as a veteran certifying official in the registrar’s office, helping military and veteran students make full use of the GI Bill and other benefits. And though it’s not part of his official job description, Ocampo often works as a counselor, lending a willing and understanding ear to people who would prefer to discuss their challenges with another veteran.

“I do a lot of veterans outreach,” Ocampo says. “I’m passionate about helping veterans, and we want to help any way we can, including outside of just educational benefits.”

Ocampo has a diverse professional history. He’s been the manager of an import store, a real estate agent and a loan officer. As a naval petty officer, he was directly responsible for a six-person student aircrew. At Oregon State, he started out as a student worker while pursuing his undergraduate degree before advancing to his current position.

One day, Ocampo may apply his Oregon State MBA to run his own company. But for now he’s keeping his options open, secure in the knowledge that the degree will help him get where he wants to go, wherever that might be.

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