Jessica Kessinger


Portland native Jessica Kessinger initially looked at smaller colleges and universities throughout the Pacific Northwest, but because she was interested in forestry and engineering programs, her search kept coming back to the College of Forestry at Oregon State.

“I visited the campus and it felt like home,” she says. “The college feels like family. It’s amazing to have a small community here inside this larger university environment.”

Kessinger says her advisors were helpful in guiding her area of study to forest engineering.

“They opened my eyes to the whole world of applied math and science, and this is a perfect fit for me,” she says.

Kessinger will also earn an international degree. During her time at Oregon State, she studied abroad in Chile and interned at Western Forest Products on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She says she learned how forests are vital worldwide and important to their communities.

Kessinger hopes to continue working internationally as a forestry professional and further explore the area of supply chain management — the process from forests to mills and eventually to consumers. She’s already secured a position with Green Diamond Resources after graduation.

“I’ll learn about and work on conservation plans and ways to harvest timber while keeping endangered species like the spotted owl in mind,” Kessinger says. “I feel prepared for the professional world thanks to my experience in the College of Forestry.”

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