• Alternative Spring Break

  • Center for Civic Engagement

3.22 - 3.29 2014

Three groups of Oregon State University students traveled to communities across the West Coast in a weeklong trip to challenge themselves in service learning projects. What started in the early 1980s, turned into a yearly program to engage students in non-profit service that focuses on social issues like poverty, hunger, homelessness, immigration rights and the environment. Students immersed themselves in an opportunity that allowed them to grow and focus on sustainable social change.

  • Yakima

    Students took a trip north to Yakima, Wash., to study the face of land acquisition, colonization and human cost by exploring different cultural groups of Yakima. The students participated in direct service work. They helped teach English language skills to Latino migrant workers and their families and worked in after-school children's programs at a Native American housing project.

  • Ashland

    Focusing on environmental conservation and restoration issues in Ashland, students worked on projects such as creek restoration, planting, mulching, fertilizing, trail building and restoring bird habitats. Students learned about national legislation that is threatening and impacting natural habitats and ecosystems through local organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

  • San Francisco
    San Francisco

    This group focused on hunger and homelessness, and the factors that cause homelessness issues in large urban areas. The students worked on short and long-term relief solutions for people experiencing homelessness in diverse backgrounds. Projects included preparing and serving meals, facility improvement, and preparing fundraisers with local organizations to address hunger and homelessness.

"If it doesn't challenge you,
it doesn't change you."
Fred DeVito

Better yourself. Better the world.

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