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4 Tricks for Installing an LED TV Stand

Setting up a TV is a fun experience but only when it is managed the right way. A lot of TV owners don’t know what to look for and that is what hinders their progress.

Here are the top tricks to keep in mind when it is time to set up the TV. By implementing these tricks, it will become a lot easier to get through the process.

1. Consider the TV Angle First

Let’s start with the TV angle as that can be a prominent concern for TV owners. In essence, the idea is to think about where a person will be sitting, how the TV is going to be positioned, and what the viewing angles are. To learn more about this, simply set up the stand, place the TV on top and get someone to hold it. From this position, take the time to sit on a couch in front of the TV to see how it looks.

This can help with measurements and viewing angles before anything is screwed into place. Remember, it is a lot easier to make adjustments now in comparison to when the TV has been screwed into place. The Loft Design Company specializes in TV stands designed at different sizes and heights, so check out their selections for your purchase.

2. Use Pads for the TV Stand

What is going on underneath the stand when it has been set up? A lot of TV owners don’t think about this and that is a major mistake. This means letting the TV sit on something that could start to give out after a while. The goal should be to set up small pads at the bottom of the stand to make it balanced.

3. Calibrate the Devices Before Setting Up Your TV

A lot of TV owners start installing the TV and don’t realize how important it is to get the other devices ready. Whether it is a gaming console, DVD player, or IPTV box, it is important to make sure everything has been calibrated. This is a major requirement and it is something that has to be done the right way. Turn on the TV before it goes on the stand and make sure everything is fully calibrated in advance.

4. Don’t Face the Window

This is almost mandatory when it comes to setting up an LED TV stand. In general, the light coming through a window is going to ruin how a TV looks when it is turned on. This can be distracting and simply take away from the TV’s quality even if the stand is impressive. This is why it’s recommended to position the TV away from the window. If there is any doubt about this, think about a theater with windows to the side. Wouldn’t it be distracting and ruin the picture quality? The same applies here.

With these four tricks, it’s easier than ever before to get more out of the stand and how it functions. There is nothing worse than setting up the TV and then realizing it is not going to look the way it needs to. Always spend time on this part of the installation and make sure these tricks are implemented.

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