5 Good Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

There are many solutions to dental problems these days. But some solutions are simply better than others. In this case, the focus falls onto dental implants and why they are among the best options for filling gaps. Even though this option is regarded as the most expensive compared to dentures and bridges, here are 5 good reasons why implants tend to be the best choices.

1. Dental Implants Look Completely Natural

The appearance of implants is completely natural. That means nobody will be able to tell the difference or see where they have been placed. Whether a person is eating, drinking, laughing or talking, there is no way of knowing which teeth are implants and which are natural. You may find the information and resources available at Chrysalis to be very useful.

2. A Permanent Solution

Once an implant has been placed and the procedure is finished, there is no need to tamper or change anything. This is because implants are considered a permanent solution thanks to the titanium screw. The screw serves as a root system and it gets placed underneath the gumline. After a few weeks, the jawbone fuses with the screw, locking it down like it does natural teeth.

3. Does Not Require Regular Return Visits

Many people do not realize it, but missing teeth eventually leads to a change in the jawbone structure. When the gap is not filled with a root system, the jawbone systematically goes through a transformation. But with a dental implant in place, the jawbone retains its natural shape.

Now, when other solutions like dentures are used, it will require return visits to the dentist. Seeing as the jawbone is going to change in structure, it means the dentures have to be altered in order to stay comfortable. With this fact in mind, consider the cost of implants (once-off) and how it compares to the numerous trips to the dentist when choosing dentures. In the long run, implants are more cost-effective.

4. Implants Are More Convenient

One of the great things about having an implant is that it never has to come out for anything. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants do not have to be removed before going to bed. And they do not have to be removed for brushing or cleaning purposes.

Also, keep in mind that eating with dentures can cause issues like food getting stuck in uncomfortable areas. And the only way to fix this is by removing the dentures to remove the bits of food. But this is not the situation with implants, making it the more convenient decision hands down.

5. Durable And Long Lasting

When implants are maintained with regular brushing and flossing, the only trips to the dentist will be “check-up” related. This is because implants can easily last for 20 years. And fixing the implant when it chips or cracks is as simple as getting treatment for a natural tooth.

Take note that dental implants are not always an option for everyone. But this is better discussed with a dentist or cosmetic surgeon, given an assessment is necessary.

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