11 Ideas on How to Make the World a Better Place

It’s a tall order looking at the world and thinking of things you can do to make a difference. It can feel overwhelming. So many problem areas exist. Some so many people need help.

Even with the limited time and resources that each of us has, there are still opportunities to do things on a small scale that can have a big impact. Here are eleven ideas on how to make the world a better place:

Idea #1: Donate Food

Food insecurity in Canada is at its highest that it’s been in decades. Donating extra groceries, running a food drive, or even giving away food items you have at home near their expiration date can all make a difference. Food can be provided directly to those in need or distributed through a local charity, church, or food bank.

Idea #2: Be a Mentor

A lot of people need mentorship, particularly young people. Think of the skills you have, your background, and who you might be able to help.

An after-school program or tutoring is a great example of mentorship. You can be an athletic coach. You can give lessons in art, music, or something similar. Even volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters is an opportunity to mentor.

Idea #3: Be Kind and Smile

Even if you’re not the most talkative person, try to be more social when you’re out. Be kind and smile. At school and work. At the grocery store. When you’re out for a walk or at the gym. Wherever it is. You never know what impact a smile and hello can have. You may even save someone’s life.

Idea #4: Make a Church Donation

Churches work with various charities and help fund various initiatives locally and worldwide. If you make a church donation, this money directly supports the poor and supports families.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer or work directly to make the world a better place, a financial contribution can be just as meaningful. There are worthwhile causes like the United Church of Canada mission and service fund. Whatever your cause, churches can put your donations to a good cause.

Idea #5: Use Your Gift in Service

We are all born with certain gifts and talents. Use these gifts to be of service to others. Think about it if you can do something with your profession to provide free service to someone else. If you are an artist, musician, photographer, or have artistic talent, think of how you can make someone else feel good using these talents.

Idea #6: Reach Out to an Old Friend

We all have friends we haven’t spoken to in years. It costs nothing to reach out to someone we haven’t spoken to in a long time. Check-in on them. See how they are. This works with family, too. We could use a little more peace, love, and understanding. You never know who is going through a hard time, and a simple text, call, or social media message can mean a lot.

Idea #7: Be of Service to the Vulnerable

There are vulnerable people in every community. Seniors. Disabled persons. People with debilitating health conditions, mental and physical alike. Reach out to churches or local organizations to inquire about what you can do. It may be picking up some groceries, as an example. You can do it more personally if you know of a family member or neighbour with similar needs.

Idea #8: Be Generous

In addition to kindness, be generous. With your time. With your money. With your resources, whatever they may be—simple acts of generosity matter. You buy coffee for the next person in line, help someone on the street, make a charitable contribution, and give away something without expecting anything. These things can help you feel energized and make a big difference.

Idea #9: Make Eco-Friendly Decisions

We can all do better when it comes to conserving our environment and making eco-friendly decisions by using less paper, stopping single-use disposable driving, less conserving water and buying more eco-friendly products. When you support eco-friendly initiatives, you may be just a single person, but when many people follow suit, that’s a major help in protecting our environment.

Idea #10: Become an Organ Donor

Even though nearly all Canadians support organ donation, less than half Canadians are registered as organ donors. Have a look and see if you’re an organ donor. Organ donation saves lives, as many as eight at a time, depending on what organs you have to offer. When you become an organ donor, it puts good in the world and makes something from otherwise very difficult circumstances.

Idea #11: Look for Volunteer Opportunities

There are likely many volunteer spots open at any given time where you’re living. For local charities. For events. For different initiatives. Depending on what time you have available, even volunteering once a week or once a month helps your fellow community. Dedicating your time to something kind makes the world a better place.

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