5 Tips For Making A Good Wooden Watch Even Better

You were looking for a good wooden watch probably because of how stylish it is. You were able to get one and now you only need to see how best to wear it so that its unique and stylish nature comes out even more. Here are five tips for making wooden watches even better.

1. Focus on outdoors

You’ve got to have a lifestyle that is quite active in order to properly rock the wooden watch. A wooden watch can be worn any day in the outdoors and will look even better because it is good for outdoor gear. Sports gear can be worn perfectly with a wooden watch. So if you are going to play a game or even to watch or perhaps a hike, the wooden watch will be made better by the look that you will have on as well as the environment.

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2. Rock it with a T-Shirt

In order to make a wooden watch even better, purpose to wear it with a t-shirt on. A wooden watch goes perfectly well with black and white t-shirts particularly the ones with a v-neck. It will take your appearance to a whole other level. If you are into style and fashion, you will see that the look gets even better if you finish it off with some cool black or blue jeans.

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3. Go for an official look

If you are dapper and you have made wearing suits a habit of yours, am sure you will agree with me when I tell you that the wooden watch makes the appearance even better. Therefore, if you own a wooden watch, it would be in your best interests to rock it with a suit. Any black or grey suit will definitely make the wooden watch look even better on you. While you are at it, you might want to coordinate your look such that your shoes and belt match the colour of your wooden watch.

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4. The button shirt

It is actually a proven fact that the wooden watch is complemented perfectly by a button shirt. The reason why the wooden watch looks better with a shirt that has buttons is because it has a thick wrist band. With that being said,you might want to open the button at the top and roll the sleeves up. It will make the wooden watch look so much better.

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5. Get a wrist band

Wooden watches and wrist bands complement each other perfectly. The only thing you have to do is to make sure the wrist band you choose to wear does not have such a bright colours because you do not want your wooden watch to be overshadowed.

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