6 New Tires Benefits That Will Improve Your Driving

If you drive frequently, you will understand the importance of having a well-functioning vehicle. Even if you see your car as something to take you to different places, the state of your tires can make or break the driving experience.

Compared to other parts of the vehicle, the tires make the most contact with the ground. This constant exposure can cause wear and tear over extended periods. How do you know if you have worn-out tires? Insert a coin into the tire grooves to determine the depth. The further it goes in, the deeper the thread. However, if the cent doesn’t go in deep enough, it’s time to get new tires Toronto. Ensure to look out for bulges and cuts on the sidewall. Look out for alignment and balance as well.

Changing your tires at the right time also helps save repair costs. Even if you don’t drive frequently, change your tires at least every six years. If you’re considering buying new tires, here are other new tires benefits you stand to gain:

Benefit #1: Better gas mileage

From shallow tread bars to damaged sidewalls, old tires lack sufficient balance on the road. This imbalance affects the wheel alignment. Drivers navigating the road with worn-out tires have to spend more effort and fuel. These tires cause the car to work harder to carry out functions like moving or even stopping. You’ll get less value for gas while overworking the vehicle. Bad tires cost you more money.

New tires reduce your gas mileage, saving you money spent on fuel. However, after buying your tires, ask your mechanic to align and balance the wheels to get the most out of your purchase and prevent premature wear and tear.

Benefit #2: Safe driving

One of the best new tires benefits is that you will be able to drive more safely. Beyond taking time to move and turn, driving with old tires can expose you and other drivers to road accidents. As tires weaken, they lose the ability to grip the road properly. Hazards like slipping on wet surfaces and increased stopping distance happen when driving with old tires.

For instance, if a driver needs to use the brakes for safety, the increased stopping distance could lead to collisions. There’s also the risk of blowouts while in motion. Many weak tires randomly blow out, causing the driver to lose control of the wheels. Buying new tires reduces the risk of road accidents and unsafe driving conditions.

Benefit #3: Improved tire traction

Damaged tires have a weaker grip on the road surface, which affects the car’s ability to stop and turn properly. Poor traction also impedes the vehicle’s performance on different road textures. For instance, you need solid tires when navigating snowy roads. Apart from the coin test, you can also measure your tire’s current tread using a depth gauge.

Beyond safe driving, new tires improve your car’s traction by gripping the road surface properly. New tires enable drivers to navigate different terrains with ease. From mud to snow, you don’t have to panic while steering in different weather. However, ensure to purchase the right tires for different climates. Try not to use regular tires on snowy roads.

Benefit #4: Better road performance

Have you ever driven a car where you had to exert immense pressure to climb a hill? You feel the engine and tires screeching in response. The longer it takes to slow down, the more damage to other parts, like the engine and brake pads. Poor road performance also adds to the car’s mileage, a factor that lowers the car’s performance and second-hand value.

The higher the mileage, the more money you lose when it’s time to sell the car. For roughly $400 for new tires every six years, you get to preserve your car’s value and engine performance on the road.

Benefit #5: Comfortable riding experience

Noisy cars make for an uncomfortable driving experience. Most times, the noise comes from a domino effect of damaged tires. Since the tires have improper alignment and weak road traction, they screech during motion. The scraping sound from screeching tires will impede enjoying your favorite radio show.

Drivers also have to contend with the burning tire smell generated when the tires touch the road surfaces. It’s not fun driving through the noise and toxic fumes. With new tires, you don’t have to worry about smelling like a rubber melting factory. You also get to enjoy a comfortable, quiet driving experience.

Benefit #6: Vehicle inspection opportunity

If you’ve failed your vehicle inspection too many times, maybe it’s time to change your tires. Perhaps you think shelling 400 bucks for tires will take a hit to your pocket. Here’s the thing. Failing an inspection might cost you more.

Cars with unsafe tires will most likely not pass the compliance test. With new tires, you reduce the odds of failing the exam and spending more money. Consider visiting a mechanic and have them look at other parts of the car to ensure complete road compliance.

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