5 Personality Traits That Makes You A Great Team Player

From the time the word business took hold of the world, every businessman or person hoping to get into the industry has grown up knowing that there is no ‘I’ in team. This and that teamwork is one very essential part the Predictive Index towards the success of every business. Being part of a team also means that each member needs to contribute something essential to the team. And you also realize that every team always has a team player; the one person who brings certain qualities to the table and that there is no denying that all of the other teams want them on their side.

If you look at behavioral assessment, you find that most of the successful businesses are born and evolve from the collaboration of innovative and creative team players. In fact, you find that teamwork and collaboration form the most vital parts of the successful businesses. Here are some five personality traits that can make you a great team player in your place of business.

1. Self-motivated

You need to be someone who sees themselves as a member of the team who is looking to make a change in his/her place of business. Being self-motivated also makes your fellow teammates also feel that you are a reliable team member. You act as an accountable team member and not only do your part in the business but ensure that you do it well.

2. Sharp

Wanting to succeed in whatever you do as a team player is always just one half of the battle, as the other half is more crucial; you need to have the skills to ensure you succeed in the battle. A good team-player is one who acts as an astute observer of the business and can easily adapt to any of the business’s changing needs. A good team player needs to be able to apply his/her skills to the business in any given situation. Also, you find that sharp people never really need to need to be monitored or guided in their place of business.

3. Flexible

A team that is rigid and doesn’t really have the ability to adapt to new situations in the business or curveball will always find themselves swinging in new ideas and missing every time. It is vital that every business has team players who are flexible. This means that you are simply willing to and are able to accommodate each of your team member’s needs, wear multiple different awards, and varying projects or timelines.

4. Accessible

A good team player needs to always be easily accessible and available whenever he/she is needed. Don’t make your other teammates spend all day looking for you or trying to reach or contact you. There are times when your other team members will need to get some advice from you as their team player; to communicate clearly what needs to be done and how often.

5. Passionate

You also find that most of the successful businesses end up being where they are because the team players and team members were passionate about their work. If you are lucky enough to have workers who are happy and care about their work.

If you do manage to land a position that goes hand-in-hand with your interests, then you can be one happy, and better team player for the job.

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