What Justin Bieber Would Say About Style And Watches

What Justin Bieber Would Say About Style And Watches

We all know that a watch can either break or build an outfit and that a man’s accessory list is a limited one as compared to a woman’s. A watch is an easy yet classy and sophisticated item to a man that can highly complement a man’s look. Here are some pro tips that Justin Bieber himself would probably give you that can help you when it comes to choosing or wearing wooden watches that is meant to give you one hell of a look.

1. Match your watch to your shoes

When one is in doubt of which outfit goes with which outfit, try matching your watch to your shoes. Having a watching with interchangeable straps comes in handy in this situation. Black and brown straps are the most common ones, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have colored straps as well to give you a different look. They will have their moments.

2. Heirloom watches bend the rules

If you have an heirloom watch laying around somewhere unsure of how to wear it, the good news is that they do not follow the rules of dressing up and being matched with clothes. They facilitate the rules being broken. For one they are great conversation starters and bring memories.

3. Metal goes hand in hand with metal

The metal casing around the watch should match the other accessories that you wish to include in your look. The metal casing could be of a different shape or size and the finishing of the casing could either be matte, shiny, patterned or embroidered with crystals or stones or other jewels. The metal that is used to encase the watch could be gold, silver, platinum, or titanium. A silver watch goes well with silver cuff-links, a gold watch goes well with a gold belt buckle and if the metal casing has been blacked out the other casings could be either silver or gold.

4. Leather with leather

The quality and color of your watch strap will dictate the watch to wear and vice versa.  A black watch will necessitate a black pair of shoes.  A brown belt with brown shoes and belt. That is just the law.

5. The formality of your watch should match that of your outfit

Analog watches are considered classy and formal whereas digital watches are considered casual. There are different kinds of watches for men such as field watches, pilot watches, sports divers and dress watches. With every watch, there is a level of formality to it.. You should always match your watch to your dress code. Sports gear should be worn with a sports watch.

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