6 Celebrities Who Faced Horrifying Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice cases are real, and you find many patients and victims of such cases suffering a lot since some doctor, physician, or nurse somewhere, decided to play around and be negligent with his/her job when handling his/her patient. Many studies have been conducted on the case and the number of patients who fall prey to diagnostic errors which further lead to wrong treatments and or medication is astounding; about 12 million. In other words, you can say that one out of every twenty Americans lies in this category.

How crazy is that? And you even realize that even the celebrities and other famous entertainers aren’t left out in these malpractice cases. There are some pretty big names have also had some horrifying stories to tell about their medical malpractice cases and how their lives were changed forever from the ordeals. But then you don’t need to be a celebrity to seek the services of a medical malpractice lawyer Toronto when you suspect you are a victim of medical negligence.

Here is a list of a few of them and their stories.

1. Author Rebecca Wells

Rebecca Wells had to hop from one doctor to another until she was at her 12th doctor before she was finally diagnosed and found to have Lyme Disease back in 2004. This is a common tick-borne illness in America which, if not treated early, can end up leading to more medical complications like neurological disorders and arthritis. Rebecca has been very outspoken and open about the experience saying that her results kept being misdiagnosed and misdiagnosed. But the issue was finally found.

2. Singer Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle was discovered from the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV show and from there, she pretty much rose to stardom. But many people, doctors, and physicians included, through that Boyle had suffered minor brain damage since her mother had had complications giving birth to her and she had to be born through Caesarean section. Boyle, later on, said that she had been misdiagnosed with mental illness all her life. But when a proper test was done, she was found to be hyperactive, which is commonly known as attention deficit disorder.

3. Actor John Ritter

John fell ill while on set acting ‘8 Simple Rules’ and was rushed to the hospital in 2003 where he was misdiagnosed to have had a heart attack. But John was, in fact, suffering from something entirely different; an aortic rupture. This is a rare heart condition that can even kill if left undiagnosed.

4. Rock Star Lady Gaga

This is one artist who certainly needs no introduction. But few people know about the broken hip misdiagnosis while Gaga was on tour. The rock singer revealed what truly happened and about the misdiagnosis in her new documentary ‘Five Foot Two.’

5. Comedian Pete Davidson

Pete opened up one day while on a live show and told the audience about when he admitted himself at a rehabilitation center for mental health issues. Pete thought that this was as a result of his marijuana use. But he was later correctly diagnosed to have a rare but serious condition called the borderline personality disorder. In most cases, you find this illness being misdiagnosed as a bipolar disorder or any other types of mental illnesses.

6. American Idol Star Kelly Clarkson

Kelly was misdiagnosed to have cancer on the morning before she won her first Grammy award back in 2006. To her, this was a devastating experience and she ended up crying the whole day, she said. Only to learn the next day that her results had been mixed up with someone else’s.

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