7 Best Benefits of Lash Lift Treatments

There are plenty of options for lengthening and curling your lashes. Mascara, lash curlers, and false lashes are the classic options, but what about a more permanent solution? Lash extensions have been highly popular over the last few years, but they’re not the only way to get the beautiful, lengthy lashes you want.

Lash lift kits are cheaper, gentler, and lower maintenance options! They are the ideal if you want a semi-permanent curled lash solution but don’t know what to choose,

Here are the seven best benefits of getting a lash lift:

Benefit #1: Long Lashes

Of course, the number one benefit of a lash lift is the gorgeous length and curl your lashes are left with after the treatment! A lash lift involves gluing your lashes to a curl former. A perm treatment is applied to your lashes to alter the shape to the desired curl.

Finally, a conditioning agent is applied to nourish your lashes. The results are lashes that maintain their curl without mascara or using a lash curler. Because the lashes are curled up, this also gives the appearance of longer lashes, and the finished product makes your eyes look bigger.

Benefit #2: Quick Process

A lash lift is a fairly short process, which is good news if you’re busy. An appointment will last no more than an hour, and the results will take effect immediately. You could get a lash lift done on your lunch break and go back to work with gorgeous lashes or have your appointment before a night out and have your lashes club-ready when you’re finished.

Benefit #3: Safe for Your Lashes

Nothing gives you a better chance of achieving long lashes than having healthy ones. Luckily, a lash lift is a safe choice for your lashes. Although the treatment includes using a chemical perming treatment, your licenced lash technician will only apply the necessary amount to avoid overprocessing the lashes. In the weeks following the process, you can apply a nourishing serum to your lashes without compromising the curl. This will keep your lashes healthy and hydrated.

Benefit #4: Low Maintenance

Getting and maintaining long, curled lashes can take a lot of work. While lash extensions require brushing and care, and false lashes require a skilled hand to apply, a lash lift is a pretty low maintenance. You’ll want to keep them relatively dry for the first twenty-four hours, but after a day, you can resume your regular activities.

You don’t need to avoid swimming, steam rooms, or other water activities like you do with lash extensions or false lashes. You also won’t need to brush your lashes daily as you would with lash extensions. If you’re the kind of person who wants a lash solution you don’t need to think too much about after the treatment, a lash lift could be the right choice for you!

Benefit #5: Good Value

Lash lifts can offer you a better value for your money than lash extensions. Lash extensions can cost between $120 and $200 for the first application and at least $50 for a refill every four to eight weeks. Alternatively, a lash lift will set you back between $50 and $100 every four to six weeks.

Lash extensions begin to fall out after a few weeks, and it becomes quite noticeable if you go too long between treatments. On the other hand, a lash lift is much more forgiving if you need to go longer between appointments. A lash lift may be a better value option if you’re looking for a semi-permanent treatment for your lashes.

Benefit #6: Saves You Time

Are you tired of spending precious minutes of your morning routine curling your lashes and applying mascara multiple times, trying to get as much length as possible? With a lash lift, you’ll save time getting ready and have your lashes looking longer. Since your lashes already hold a curl, you’ll only need to use a lash curler once and apply a thin coat of mascara if you want extra length and volume.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you may not need to use a lash curler or mascara at all! Whether you go with your bare lashes or add a few coats of mascara, a lash lift will save you a few minutes in the morning and make you look fabulous.

Benefit #7: Customizable

Going to a lash technician for a lift is a truly customized and personalized experience. Compared to strip lashes that come as one size fits all, lash lifts cater to your specific eye and lash shape. Since it’s a customizable experience, lash lifts can give great results no matter how short your lashes are.

Your lash technician will make recommendations on the best-sized curl former to use to optimize results. You can also choose how intense or subtle you want the curl to be, so you’ll get exactly the result you’re looking for.

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