6 Dog Breeds That Are Picky Eaters

At some point in their lives, many dogs can become picky eaters. They may have been eating properly, wolfing it all down, then suddenly. They become picky. There are several reasons for this. It could be allergies, an illness or perhaps they just need a change in diet.

Over time, just like people, dogs also change. As they get older, they may not need to eat as much. They also may be getting lots of table scraps and treats, which they love, so they may go off their regular food. Some dog breeds are picky eaters. In general, smaller dogs tend to be a bit pickier with their foods.

Let’s learn about the six dog breeds that are picky eaters:

Bichon Frise

The Bichon is a small to medium dog. They are white and fluffy, and adorable. One thing about Bichons is that they tend to have some allergies. If you have a Bichon, you may notice that they may lick their paws a lot, to the point you can see some bald spots. They can get other skin conditions. Bichons can get a little fussy after a while, becoming one of the dog breeds that are picky eaters.

Always speak with your vet before changing the diet. Or better yet, take your dog to the vet to determine exactly why your Bichon is not eating their regular food. Tests can rule out any underlying illnesses.


The Maltese are another breed that is well known for being a picky eater. Assuming all is well (you have seen the vet and had tests done), you can try to make their food more aromatic and flavourful. You can add certain food toppers. One very good food topper is green beef tripe.

Make sure to add the right amount according to weight and size. If you are not sure, speak with your vet. You may find it beneficial to switch to a natural raw dog food diet for your animal companions.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are so cute, and you just want to pick them up and give them a big squeeze. However, they can be frustrating at times because of their picky eating habits. Taste and texture are big things for Yorkies. Sometimes, they may pick out the stuff they like in the bowl and walk away from the rest of the food.

Some picky eaters tend to do this. They will take a mouthful and place it on the floor. Then they will eat the stuff they like. The result is that you have a messy floor! This can also happen when you are changing your diet. It is important to change their diet by slowly transitioning to a new food. Do this over ten days by adding the new food and gradually decreasing the old food.

German Shepherd

A big, intelligent, majestic-looking dog could become a picky eater. Because of the breed, they tend to need more animal fat and protein in their diet. They are active and energetic dogs. Speak to your vet about dietary needs. Consider the age as well.

The ingredients in their food should contain the right balance. Otherwise, they will be picky. They might nibble on what they want and leave the rest. If you don’t get the proper balance, they may lose their enthusiasm for their food.


Yet another small breed that can be a fussy eater, making you tear your hair out. They have the kind of face that they use to their advantage. Pekingese can cajole you into giving them treats, so when it comes to eating their regular meals, they may be finicky, causing you lots of frustration. While treats are OK, many are not good for them in the long run. There isn’t a proper balance in many dog treats. This can lead to weight gain.

You can try making your treats with boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Cut them into small pieces. Your Pekingese will love these, and at least it is much better than buying treats that taste good but are not good for them.


Poodles can be fussy eaters, but this may not entirely be their fault, just like any other dog. You need to play your part and not offer tables, scraps and loads of treats. Poodles come in various sizes. A toy poodle will not need as much food, so if you put too much in the bowl, they may eat until they are satisfied and leave the rest.

When your dog gets fussy about food, take them to the vet. Rule out serious reasons first. Many dogs may get fussy when you change their diet. This is common. Some dog breeds are picky eaters, though it can happen to any dog. Speak to your vet and determine a course of action. Be patient and use every trick in the book, and eventually, they will start eating again.

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