How to Make a Corporate Video Look Professional

In business, multimedia is key to communicating and informing within a corporate structure. Video is effective for onboarding employees, instructional and training videos, customer testimonials and various presentations, and creating brand awareness and advertisement.

Making a corporate video is not just about sharing information, statistics and facts but rather entertaining while getting your message out and making an impact. You don’t have to produce another boring corporate video. By implementing the best strategies, take it beyond the next level and watch your efforts pay off with better engagement and conversion.

Not sure where to start? Here is how to make a corporate video to capture your audience’s attention.

1. Plan your corporate video

To be successful at any endeavour, you need a plan of action. This is a practical roadmap that takes you from start to finish, and even if you aren’t an artistic filmmaker, you can put together the path to take.

Once you know the goal of the video, make a list of the team that will help produce it. This is a collaborative effort, and you need people with different skill sets to make your corporate video shine. Put together a budget and timeline for the creative and filming, and either work in-house with creative people or hire professionals.

2. Video localization services

A corporate video will effectively communicate messages with your local audience. However, you may want your video reaching the broader region and beyond. If so, it requires adapting your video to make it relevant to new markets worldwide.

Video localization is the answer. This is a process of transforming several factors in your video so it is understood by those in different cultures who speak different languages. Some things you will need to do are:

  • Subtitling and captioning
  • Voice over recording
  • Video dubbing
  • Multilingual translation
  • Video synchronization
  • Text to speech

This creates a personalized experience for your different audiences are requires translating texts, graphics and audio along with including subtitles to be inclusive. This can be an overwhelming task, but fortunately, some companies have experienced staff who can do all these services to transform your video production to reach your intended audience. Some of it is even automated to synchronize the audio and video mixing so you can get your videos translated faster and for less money.

3. Keep the corporate video short

Our attention spans are short, and to keep people engaged, you need to have your video brief and to the point. You should use three minutes to get your message across, if it is a promotional video or ad. You will need more time for internal training material, but don’t overload the viewer with non-essential information.

It’s smart not to bury the meat in your videos and fluff them up with secondary details. Get to the point as fast as you can. Ensure it focuses on your objectives while establishing a rapport with the audience using effective visuals and cohesive language.

4. Be more than a talking head

Corporate videos can get boring fast, and if it looks like you are watching the evening news, people will tune out quickly. Don’t just film the speaker reciting the information because the viewer won’t retain the information. It needs to be more dynamic with a mix of multimedia applications like:

  • Music
  • Voice overs
  • Action shots
  • Visuals
  • B-roll footage
  • Graphics
  • Narration
  • Text
  • Slides

You keep people engaged so they can effectively absorb the information.

5. Production matters

You are not making a blockbuster movie but need high production value to keep people watching. This is why it’s smart to use professional equipment and those who make a film for a living. Many companies have everything you need to put out a high-end product and can give you great advice on shooting the video.

You will be putting together the material to be filmed, which needs to be informative and entertaining. It’s wise to watch other corporate videos for inspiration as it will give you an idea of the quality you are looking for so you are happy with the result. While this is just video and audio coming together, it must be professionally crafted to have the biggest impact.

6. Include a call to action

As great as the information you provide in your video, you have to bring it home at the end. You need an impactful conclusion that leads people to contact you or get more details.

This is where you should include branding and contact information so people can connect with you. Whether you are informing or promoting, finish your video with a call to action by suggesting a demo, directing them to your website or asking for a sign-up to let them know what they need to do when the video ends.

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