Top Dont’s Of Producing Videos

While there are many articles on the internet focusing on how to do everything right when it comes to video production, there is not a whole lot focusing on what NOT to do. Here is a look at what experts say are common blunders to avoid.

1. TMI

In video production, there IS such a thing as “TMI”, or “too much information.” There should only ever be a singular message being driven home in a production video, and certainly only one call to action. By providing too much information to the viewer, you can leave them feeling overwhelmed and numb. This leads them to zone out and entirely miss the point of your video.

2. Never Be Aggressive

There is no point in making a video that feels like it is coming from a used car salesman. This can not only turn the viewer off towards the product being marketed but it can be very harmful to the overall brand as well. There are only a few seconds at the end of the video, the call to action, where it is considered appropriate to “sell the product.” The rest of the time should be telling a story about the viewer themselves, something with which they can identify.

3. Avoid Being Prideful

By being prideful, we mean trying to do everything by yourself. There are video professionals for a reason. Hire them and let them do their job. This is especially true in the matters of post-production so that the video has the right look and feel. However, it is also true in the words being spoken so do not try and save a buck by writing the script yourself. Unless you have prior experience, hire a professional scriptwriter to do the job for you. You will be much more pleased with the results. Visit the AW Media website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

4. No Rushing

Producing the video naturally takes time and rushing the procedure only makes for a badly-produced video. Be patient and take the time to do things right. There is no benefit to the company by making a video that looks bad. It will only send the customers packing and lead them into the arms of another company.

By avoiding these widely-known mistakes, you will be much more satisfied with the end result of your video production. Your customers will thank you for it as well.

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