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What To Look For In A Neighbourhood When Looking For A Home

When looking for a new home, it is natural to want to purchase a house where you can keep your family warm, comfortable, and safe. But should homeowners also think about the safety of their neighbours? A good neighbourhood has amenities like nearby parks, good schools, and grocery stores that are accessible. Prospective buyers need to ask a real estate agent what they would look for in potentially purchasing a home to understand all factors that go into purchasing a property.

1. Number Of Homes With Repairs Needing To Be Made

It is essential to look at the homes in an area and assess which homes in that neighbourhood may have problems. If there are many house for sale in Chilliwack, in general, it will be easy to see if the neighbourhood is in disrepair. A real estate agent can help you see any issues regarding how the houses are being maintained. For example, if many owners have sold their property and homeowners are not living there, it can indicate that the neighbourhood has issues such as gang activity or drugs.

2. Properties For Sale

Another way to assess a neighbourhood is by looking at how many homes are for sale and if many are not for sale. The number of houses sold each year will also indicate problems in the area that prevent people from moving into the area. If one home is sold in two years, it could indicate that the area is not desirable.

3. Zoning Laws And Land Use

If a neighbourhood has strict zoning laws in place, it could mean that developers only want properties to be located in these areas. Buyers must understand how these zoning laws will impact them if they purchase their home. Such homes for sale are not just found in areas zoned for residential use, but they can also be located in areas zoned as farmland or industrial.

4. Number Of Homes Sold In Past Year

If many homes are sold each year, it could mean that the area is too expensive for people to live in. This could be because the area is near a place where people work or where stores are located. It could also mean that the area has good schools or parks nearby.
If there are not many homes sold each year, it could mean that the area has few amenities or is undesirable.

5. How Much Was The House Sold For

It is vital to assess the price home was sold for when you do not know if it is a good neighbourhood. The price should be the same in an inexpensive or upscale neighbourhood. If a home has been valued at under $100,000 and sold at no more than $5,000 over the asking price, it could indicate that real estate agents are not putting in as much effort to find their client the best deal.

6. Traffic And Commute Time

It is essential to assess the traffic and commute time when looking at a new neighbourhood. If there is a large amount of traffic, it will take longer to get out of the neighbourhood if an emergency occurs. It will also be more challenging to get your children to school and back in time for you to make it to work on time.Homes for sale near a bus stop will also have more traffic. Some neighbourhoods are also located near an interstate, which has less traffic.

7. Financing Terms For Buyers

When looking at homes in a particular area, it is essential to know that the financing terms can affect your decision on which home you purchase. If a home is highly discounted or carries large down payments, buyers are more likely to make a quick purchase. If the home you are considering has high-interest rates, you may decide to go into another neighbourhood with financial institutions that provide low-interest loans.

8. Crime Statistics In Area

It is essential to find out the crime statistics in an area before purchasing a home. You can ask the local police if you have any concerns about the property you would like to purchase.

9. Public Transportation Details And Proximity To Each Other

It is essential to assess the public transportation system for the area you consider buying a home. You want to know where buses go and at what times they go. If there is public transportation, it is essential that the bus routes are close together and people can quickly get from one place to another.


It is essential to understand all the factors that go into purchasing a home in an area. If you are buying a new home, it is essential to consider all of these factors and use them to assess your future neighbourhood.

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