A Strong Start: why an incoming freshman chose OSU

Incoming freshman Sam Kelly-Quattrocchi

Incoming freshman Sam Kelly-Quattrocchi

As of spring of 2008, Sam Kelly-Quattrocchi has been set on becoming a Beaver. But what attracts a student from California to Oregon State? Here is a conversation with him about his reasons on coming to Oregon State University:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Sam Kelly-Quattrocchi. I’m an incoming freshman at Oregon State University in the University Honors College (UHC) majoring in Marine Biology. I grew up in northern California and graduated at the top twenty percent in my high school. When I visited Oregon State University the spring of 2008, I loved it. I’m really excited to start classes this fall.

Choosing what school to go to is a huge decision. What made you decide to choose Oregon State University?

Out of all the universities that I looked at and toured, none of the advisors really took an interest in me. They said, “here’s a map, hope you enjoy campus!” At OSU, an advisor sat down with me, got to know me and took genuine interest in me. It was something that other schools didn’t do.

After visiting campus, I was convinced; the UHC has a great community, the Marine Biology program combined with Hatfield Marine Science Center were perfect, and the people were so friendly.

What other schools did you apply to before making the final decision?

I applied to University of Oregon, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, and Humboldt State University. I was accepted at a number of them, but as soon as I visited Oregon State University, I did not want to visit any other schools. I’d made my decision.

Where were you involved in high school?

In high school I did anything that involved me being in the water. I swam for the varsity swim team and played water polo. Starting my sophomore year in high school I started taking AP courses and am really excited for the same type of classroom interaction through the UHC. I’ve also been ballroom dancing for the past six years.

What do you look forward to when you start school at Oregon State University?

Although I will miss the sunshine we get in California, I will get used to the rain, and I’m really excited to be going to school in Corvallis. There are just so many opportunities to pursue. I look forward to getting involved on campus, playing intramural sports and taking ballroom dance classes. I also look forward to get involved at Hatfield to get hands-on with the marine science program over there.

I’m stoked. I loved Oregon State University when I visited last spring and loved it even more when I came down for the START program. I really look forward to living in Corvallis and attending Oregon State University this fall.

10 Responses to “A Strong Start: why an incoming freshman chose OSU”

  1. Steven Dulin says:

    I am really glad you are here and I hope you enjoy your school, OSU does not usually like students unless they are Oregonians, I think it is because they are embarrassed of their abilities. I hope you are able to dazzle them, and make OSU want to be a better University. Integrity and honesty is important. Welcome

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Steven, we’re proud of all of our students and their accomplishments, no matter where they’re from. We’ve got outstanding undergrads and grads from all over the country and around the world. (But we’re also pleased with the fact that more Oregon valedictorians have chosen OSU than any other Oregon school for several years in a row). In-state and beyond, we’re lucky that we get the chance to tell student stories on this blog and all over the Web.

    In any case, thanks for commenting, Steven, and welcome to OSU, Sam.

  3. Ame says:

    I’m so jealous you get to go to the Hatfield Marine Science Center. I love marine biology, but my major lies elsewhere as I will be staying in Corvallis for a very long time (I’ve already moved across the country several times, and I am settling now). Have a blast! Maybe you could blog about it so the rest of us can live vicariously. :)

    OSU has been really welcoming to students from everywhere that I’ve seen – whether from this state, another state, or another country. I can’t wait to start – I’m a post-bacc as I’ve already had one career, so I only get 2 years, but I’m looking forward to it so much.

  4. Pamela Devlin says:

    As your former 10th grade Honors English and AP English Lit/Comp teacher, I am so proud of you Sam K-Q! The Oregon State University is lucky to count you among its student body!

  5. Cheryl F says:

    Way to go Sam, glad to see you’re making your mark already. Keep it up and have a blast.

  6. Hi Sam,
    Welcome to OSU, as faculty based at HMSC, it’s always good to read about the interests of new talent joining our school. Have fun finding the most fitting learning situations for what you want to be.
    best Michael

  7. Walter says:

    I think you made a mistake. OSU is not a terribly good school. It ranks in the 3rd tier…..UCSD and UCSB would ahve been far better. According to US News and World Report, we are in Tier III and going down. We are not in the top 100 universities nationally. But, on the bright side, it is a place where an average student can do well.

  8. Roger says:

    With all due respect Walter, US News and World Report isn’t exactly the gold standard for college rankings. You may want to go with the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, a ranking that actually takes into account research activity. Or how about skipping the rankings and do some research yourself into what the University does for the state, country, and world, then formulate your own opinion.
    OSU has a tremendous focus and reputation in marine science. With NOAA coming soon to Newport, the future looks bright for this young man’s studies!

  9. Garrett Vogenbeck says:

    Well, Walter, I am a bit confused by your bitter post.

    I think one of the points of this article is to demonstrate the need for a prospective student to actually visit and investigate a university, rather than just be naive and rely on some magazine which is probably biased to begin with.

    Oregon State University is filled with many academic treasures which many in the media are unaware of or ignore. This bright young man seems to be keen enough to have identified some here at OSU.

    Having just recently graduated, I have seen fantastic additions to the colleges I attended, the College of EECS, the College of Business, and the College of Liberal Arts (Foreign Language Department). Sure, we’ve faced budget cuts, but we nevertheless persevere and improve our university anyways. OSU is indeed growing and improving. This statement is based on my own personal experience, not just on what some magazine says.

    I know that during my time at OSU getting a BS and an MBA, I kept finding amazing aspects of this university that expanded my knowledge and experiences.

    I’m sure UCSD and UCSB are great schools, but ultimately the best education comes from the best fit and what you make of it. Just because one publication ranks a university highly doesn’t mean one will definitely do better there.

    Sam, Welcome to OSU, and I wish you the best during your time here. Don’t forget to seek out all the amazing opportunities presented to you here.

    On a personal note, I took PAC dance classes at OSU, including ballroom. It’s a great opportunity to meet people. The West Coast Swing and Country Western Swing classes were my favorite, and the instructors are great. You might enjoy that.

    I wish you the best in all your academic endeavors! Go Beavers!

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