People Powered Campaign

The Powered by Orange campaign has received national recognition. It’s won awards and appeared in articles and on blogs. One of the most meaningful assessments of this outreach efforts has come from our own student media via this editorial in the Daily Barometer.

But we can’t take the credit for the success of PBO. It belongs to all of you, the students, staff, faculty and alumni who have engaged with us and shared your own definitions of what it means to be Powered by Orange. You’ve made this initiative your own and defined its success. And any recognition that PBO receives is driven by the real work you do every day to make a positive difference in your communities, in Oregon and the world. With so many amazing people and incredible stories to draw from, it makes it easy for us to tell the world how we’re Powered by Orange.

One Response to “People Powered Campaign”

  1. I use my OSU B.S. Degree in “Technical Journalism” (1994) to promote Oregon’s wonder for families to venture out and enjoy together.