A Digital Tribute

Candle app

This candle image has been downloaded to hundreds of thousands of iPhones. (Photo courtesy of Oregon State University)

It was supposed to create an ambience, maybe the right mood for a romantic date. Marty Ulrich never imagined it would soon be held up by mourners and seen on telecasts all over the world as they remembered Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

This “candle” image, designed for an iPhone or iPad, is available for free and quickly became an international sensation after the death of Jobs. His followers and fans around the world were publicized holding up the images on their devices and placing them among flowers and wreaths. More than 800,000 people have now downloaded it.

“I was really surprised when I saw this on all of the newscasts, everyone holding the candles as they honored Steve Jobs,” said Ulrich, an undergraduate student in computer science at OSU. “When we developed this app it was intended to create a pleasant mood. We had not realized how important it might be for other uses.”

The “Free Candle” application for iPhones is one of the most realistic images available, and includes 10 different options and a “mood lighting” setting. Ulrich originally developed it for Poets Road, a design company in Los Angeles, while he was a student at Cuesta College, before he transferred to OSU.

It’s available online at http://bit.ly/iPdIAb

Ulrich says he plans to make an update to the candle applications and add more candles to the sets, which should be available within a few weeks. And he hopes the success of this application might earn him a summer internship at Apple – developing new apps for iPhones, of course.

Other OSU students are also active in design of applications for smart phones. An OSU student team, in fact, helped to create the university’s current mobile phone applications, available free at http://m.oregonstate.edu/

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