Living the Dream


Porgy and Bess on Broadway, with alum Roosevelt Credit

Oregon State alum Roosevelt Credit is performing "Porgy and Bess" on Broadway. Credit is second from the right in this photo.

Roosevelt Andre Credit was born with a big voice and a big heart, but don’t think for a moment that the life of a professional performer is easy – even when he has a significant role in a Broadway musical rated by Time magazine as “The Best Musical of the Year.”

But the 1990 Oregon State University grad wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I am,” says Credit, “living the dream.”

Credit has a feature role in the Gershwins’ “Porgy and Bess,” which is drawing rave reviews from some of the top media outlets in the country. He nailed down the ensemble part of Jim the Fisherman, where his booming bass baritone fills the auditorium and allows him to share the stage with stars Audra McDonald, Norm Lewis and David Alan Grier.

Just look at the reviews for Porgy and Bess.

  • “A great achievement that left me breathless” – The New Yorker
  • “A luscious piece of musical theater” – Newsday
  • “A gorgeous version of the Gershwin masterpiece” – Associated Press

For the 44-year-old Credit, it has been an interesting journey that began when he majored in music education at OSU.  He gravitated toward opera, but was visible throughout campus, singing the national anthem at basketball games and commencement ceremonies, and performing in countless plays, concerts, school and community functions. He was also director of music at the First Christian Church of Corvallis.

“My teachers at Oregon State whipped me into shape,” he says with a laugh. “I loved it there. Charlotte Headrick, Kathryn Olson, Ron and Becky Jeffers, Judy Krueger and others taught me a lot and made me realize I could be successful. And I’ve always enjoyed performing.”

“As one of my mentors, Will Keim, once told me – ‘find something you like to do and if you do it well enough, people will pay you for it.’”

Credit’s talent is natural, but getting to Broadway takes hard work – and a lot of it. After earning his music degree at OSU, he

Roosevelt Credit headshot

Roosevelt Credit.

earned master’s degrees at Northwestern in conducting and opera performance, and he sings in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian – and dabbles with numerous other languages.

He said he enjoys the challenge because it allows him to perform and understand the music of other cultures, while expressing musical phrases with his voice and with his hands.

“The best compliment someone can give you is to say ‘you make it look easy,’” Credit says. “You don’t want to be up on stage looking like you’re struggling.”

Daily warm-ups and practice allows Credit to master the many languages and expand his range. In his two-decade career, he has performed at President Obama’s inauguration; played the role of Jesus in Bach’s Saint Matthew and St. John Passion; starred as Joe in Showboat; and was a cast member of the Broadway and national touring companies of Harold Prince’s Tony Award-winning revival of Showboat.

He also has been a featured guest artist during the Centennial Celebration of Duke Ellington at Jazz at Lincoln Center – with Wynton Marsalis and Eric Reed.

“You can only get so far on natural talent,” Credit says, “then you must practice, practice, practice. At 44, I’m just coming into my voice. Many years of private lessons, classes and practice have paid off. Basses mature a lot later in life and I think I keep improving. But as a singer, you’ve got to take care of the instrument. So I also try to get rest and keep hydrated. It’s all good.”

Credit is humble and grateful for his success – and gives back generously to the community. He twice has received the Theron Montgomery Award, given by the Broadway community for charitable work; he supports organizations fighting cystic fibrosis, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and Metropolitan Ministries. He volunteers with disabled children; and loves directing choruses around the country as they perform his published choral music and solo arrangements from his book, “Ol’ Time Religion,” featuring spirituals.

He’s even earned an Eagle Scout ranking with the Boy Scouts of America.

“Giving back is important,” Credit says. “When I got started, I was told ‘no’ a lot and I sang a lot for free. But I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s…”




14 Responses to “Living the Dream”

  1. Alex M. '11 says:

    Great story!

  2. Kerrie says:


    Is this feature about Roosevelt coming to OSU to perform again?!!

    If so, when & where?



  3. Mary Bengel says:

    Roooo! I am so proud of you and KNEW you would be a star!!
    We had a special class of music majors that went on to be award winning band directors, composers, producers, and performers!!
    Don’t stop the music Roo and let’s hear from more of us from the great Benton Hall class of ’88!!!

  4. Hooray for Roosevelt! Finally getting some recognition that he so richly deserves. Rooselvelt is not only a world-class performer, he is probably THE VERY BEST person I know! I am so proud to call him friend, and I congratulate Oregon State University for realizing his worth!!!!
    –Vicki Reichlein, DMD class of 1997

  5. Jackie Saling says:

    I am proud to say that I attended 4 years at OSU with this man and still keep in touch with him to this day. He holds a special place in anyones heart who knows him. He is unforgettable and leaves a positive and lasting mark on peoples life.
    Best friend anyone could ask for.
    Roo, I am so proud of you and blessed to still have you in my life! Come back and sing for us at OSU sometime!

  6. Lara Mac Lean says:

    University of Oregon MUST BE PROUD!! I went to graduate school with Roo and he is one of the most talented genuine musicians I have ever met! What an asset to your school to have an Alumni like Roo!!!

  7. DeAnne (Sullivan) Courson says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! It’s great to see an article featuring a wonderful man working hard, following his dream and giving back. Roosevelt has a passion for life that spills over into his work and a tremendous sense of humor. If you haven’t heard him sing or seen him perform you should.

  8. Betsy (Riggs) Wanner says:

    From Hawley Hall to Broadway…we knew you would make it there someday Roo. You have touched your friends with that infectious laugh, super personality and your beautiful gift of song. From playing the piano and singing to our endless requests of “Here I Stand”, we all treasure you and cherish your friendship. Congratulations!! So glad someone finally wrote about how wonderful you are and how you have touched so many lives!!!! We Love ya Roo#1 Keep singing!!!! Love Roo#2

  9. Betsy Moore Bareilles says:

    You have always been a star to me, my dear friend. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to call you friend (even if you did nickname me “Hoover” during our tenure at Poling Hall). I am so proud of all your hard work and am very happy OSU (Go Beav’s) has given you this recognition. I love you.

  10. Dawn Marie (Kornegay) Hert says:

    Wonderful article. Love Roosevelt….a true talent with a heart of gold! Best performance for me…when he and DeAnne sang ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ at my sister Shannon’s wedding! Goosebumps!

  11. Mom & Dad Sullivan says:

    Roo we are so proud. We know it has been a very
    tuff year for you, but our love and prayers are always with you. So keep spreading your love and joy as only you know how.

  12. Shannon Kornegay Carrier says:

    Roo is one of my favorite people! I agree with everything Jackie and DeAnne said. So glad you featured my friend!

  13. Sheila Saperstein says:

    Thanks for this great article Roo. You are such an inspiration and it was my pleasure to be part of the journey! Keep on Keepin on!! luv, Sheila

  14. Elnora Palmtag says:

    I was one of the lucky students at OSU who got to enjoy Roosevelt’s performance 4/26/14 and it was one of the most moving experiences I have had in years. I have been away from the South for the last 40 years and he took me home to Church!! It was so inspirational to watch the choir members, who performed with him, catch his fire and give it their all for him. OSU has had one of the best performers and people in their midst and must feel so blessed and I was upon meeting him. Keep up your attitude and love!