Beaver Nation’s Top 10 Moments of 2013


We’re ranking the top 10 moments of 2013 at Oregon State. Come back tomorrow for the next as we count down to the new year.

#1: Rebrand

After 15 years, the Oregon State athletics logo got a new look, as did the uniforms.






There was a giant reveal ceremony and everything.


And the university dropped it off of the MU.


Want to know more about about the design process? Watch:

#2: First College To Do The Harlem Shake


Yes, that’s Waldo in the bottom-left. No, this is not an inappropriate dance. It’s the Harlem Shake. Don’t know what it is? Well, it was this fad that took the Internet by storm in early February. So, knowing that every Internet craze fades quickly, University Marketing and Interactive Communications at Oregon State jumped on the opportunity for the university to do one of its own. Assembled in a couple hours, students met in a classroom on campus and made history. The video has nearly 500,000 views. See, a university can be educational and fun. In full:

#3: The Largest Commencement Of All Time Ever

On June 15th, Beaver Nation welcomed in 5,221 graduates, a record class. In that class, 2,654 women and 2,567 men from 47 states and 48 countries earned a total of 5,483 degrees. Class of 2013, we salute you.


Fun fact: The oldest graduate was 64. The youngest was 19.

#4: Baseball Made It To The World Series, Again

We’re just going to leave this right here.


#5: Snowpocalypse

Yes, it happened. Oregon State University had a Snow Day. On Dec. 6, the Willamette Valley struck all-time weather records, as temperatures dropped into single digits — and brought snow with it. By noon on the 6th, campus had nearly one foot, more than anybody we’ve talked to can remember. It was truly a Winter Wonderland.


However, it was the university’s duty to measure safety as best as possible, and officials decided campus would close at noon Friday, and then again all day Monday. It was cold and quite the experience. Luckily, campus made it out OK, and Finals Week was able to resume — sort of. Students who had finals canceled Monday were rerouted to a time later in the week. Yep, they took exams in legendary Gill Coliseum.  Now who can say THAT?


Photos of Snowpocalypse in Corvallis:

Awesome bonus video that is awesome:

#6: Year Of Construction


Austin Hall, west side of campus.

If there’s one thing that stayed consistent on campus this year, it was the sound of hammers and machinery, also known as upgrading. There were (some are still ongoing) $300 million worth of architectural improvements in 2013, including Austin Hall,  the Student Experience Center, a new residence hall, the Cesar Chavez, Native American Longhouse and Asian & Pacific cultural centers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Full list below.

  • Austin Hall

  • Student Experience Center

  • Residence Hall

  • Cesar Chavez Cultural Center

  • Asian & Pacific Cultural Center

  • Basketball Facility

  • OSU Beaver Store

  • Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center

  • Classroom Building

  • Engineering Building

  • Strand Ag Hall

  • Washington Way Realignment Project

  • Memorial Union East Wing

Source: Oregon State News

#7: Where Oregon State Ranked

Often times, magazines, blogs and websites come out with rankings of colleges, sort of like the ones you’re reading now. And each year, we seem to make the list of a few we like to brag about. Here is where Oregon State showed up:

#8: Brandin Cooks, Country’s Best Receiver

The Beavers are playing in Hawaii today. Is there not a better time to honor the country’s best receiver? Our eighth ranking goes to junior Brandin Cooks, who set single-season school records this year with 120 receptions and 1,670 yards. Oh, and he won the Biletnikoff Award, given to college football’s best receiver each year. Here he is accepting the trophy on ESPN last week (great suit, by the way):


After his record-setting season, Cooks has decided to forgo his final season as a Beaver and enter the NFL Draft. We wish him all the best, and we thank you, Brandin Cooks, for representing Oregon State the way you have. Your composure, kindness, and accomplishments as a student-athlete have made Beaver Nation proud, once again. Go Beavs.

#9: New Institutional Commercial: Beaver Nation

Year 2013 revealed a new commercial opportunity for the university. From a couple years ago, you might remember this:


Now it looks like this:

There’s a horse on a treadmill in it.


Some background on the commercial:

  • The voice you hear narrating is Dr. Cheldelin, who is reading the university’s creed to students at the 1965 New Student Convocation.
  • Interactive Communications and University Marketing created and produced the commercial completely in-house here at Oregon State.
  • Cheldelin’s words in 1965 are still true today, almost 50 years later — which is why his sound bite was used.

For more on how the commercial came to life, take a look at producer Darryl Lai’s blog post.

#10: President Ed Ray’s 10th Year

Ed RayIt only seems right that the frontman of the university kicks off our list, as we recognize President Ed Ray’s 10 years at Oregon State. A lot has changed since Ray took over. He set goals for the university and obtained many, including nearly reaching $1 billion for the Campaign for OSU. Since arriving, the university’s annual research revenue has doubled, now up to $263 million, and Ray has been instrumental in updating campus facilities with more than $600 million of structural improvements. Those improvements, among others, include the new Native American Longhouse, Linus Pauling Institute, a football stadium expansion, a brand new business building (Austin Hall) and a state-of-the-art outdoor recreational complex . It’s no secret: President Ray wants Oregon State to be one of the top 10 land grant universities in the country. So far, that trajectory looks mighty fine.

For a nice summary of Ray’s 10 years, check out this Corvallis Gazette-Times article here, or the Stater magazine here.

And for President Ray, we thank you.

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