$1.1 billion milestone

Memorial Union

Oregon State University and the OSU Foundation celebrated The Campaign for OSU’s historic $1.1 billion mark — the largest amount ever raised in a campaign by an Oregon university — with a number of campus events held on Oct. 31.

The university’s first comprehensive fund-raising campaign was publicly launched in 2007 with a goal of $625 million. That objective was quickly surpassed, and the goal was raised to $850 million, then again to $1 billion. The campaign reached the $1 billion goal in January, and it will officially conclude on Dec. 31.

The campaign has had a monumental effect across campus. More than 100,000 donors contributed to the effort and raised more than $185 million to support students, including more than 600 new scholarships and fellowships. Another $100 million-plus was earmarked for attracting and retaining leading faculty, including funding for 77 new endowed faculty positions.

More than two dozen campus facilities were built or renovated, including Austin Hall, the new home for the College of Business, the Linus Pauling Science Center and four new student cultural centers.

“While (the $1 billion goal) is a remarkable milestone, this campaign has never been about the big number,” says President Ed Ray. “Our generous donors are committed, as is the university, to transforming Oregon State into a top-10 land grant research university to significantly advance the health of the Earth, its people and our economy.”

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