Oregon State spinoff leads a nuclear renaissance


One of the most exciting new concepts in nuclear energy has evolved in part from research conducted more than a decade ago at Oregon State University.

NuScale Power, which began as a spinoff company based on the pioneering research of Oregon State nuclear engineering professor Jose Reyes, is an international leader in the development of small modular nuclear reactors.

The NuScale reactors are meant to provide a safe and cost-effective form of energy without greenhouse gas emissions and could potentially change the nature of nuclear power around the world. They can also incorporate “passive safety” concepts developed at Oregon State in the 1990s. The reactors are designed to be built in a factory, transported to where they are needed and grouped as necessary to provide the right amount of power — all while minimizing investment costs.

As of last summer, about 200 NuScale employees are based in Oregon; others are working around the nation, and more are expected to be hired.


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