Dear Corvallis Community Members

Ed RayCorvallis is a community that comes together to ensure each of us is safe and supported.

This fall at Oregon State University, we opened the new Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center, which includes support and assistance in navigating campus and community resources. This is a place of trust and hope for survivors of sexual assault to know that we are here 24/7 to assist them in any way they wish to have us do so.

The creation of this center should also remind each of us of our responsibility to be informed about the risks of sexual violence and harassment; to prevent acts of sexual violence and support others. For example, our Corvallis community is fortunate to have the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence as another valuable resource and a place of caring and support. Read more about the new center inside this newsletter.

We must continue to work together to ensure personal and community safety. I pledge that Oregon State University is dedicated to expanding its efforts across campus and collaborating with others in Corvallis to address sexual violence. We are also elevating efforts to promote greater inclusivity within Oregon State and address racial and social injustices being experienced on our campus. Please stay connected and be committed to join us in these efforts.

In this issue of Beaver Nation Corvallis, we also introduce new OSU leaders to the community, provide insights into some of the university’s latest innovations — like seaweed that tastes like bacon (hint: fry it before eating) — and share other interesting stories.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

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Edward J. Ray
President, Oregon State University

One Response to “Dear Corvallis Community Members”

  1. Dear President Ray,

    Thank you for doing the right things for the university.
    It is not an easy topic to discuss, but action must be done to support everyone.

    Marvin M. Yonamine
    OSU Class of 1987
    Mililani, Hawaii