Three stages to startup success

Iterate, Accelerate and Launch — the three stages of the Advantage Accelerator program — are designed to help startups move forward on their entrepreneurial journey:

  • Iterate consists of four weekly, two-hour workshops that give entrepreneurs a basic understanding of what it takes to start a company, as well as an opportunity to test their business ideas.
  • Accelerate is an eight-week program that
    focuses on developing a product or service and preparing it for commercialization.
  • Launch is a five-month program that emphasizes strong market and competitor knowledge, execution and operations,
    as well as fulfillment of a repeatable
    sales process.

Karl Mundorff, co-director of the Advantage Accelerator, says having three distinct stages in the startup process enables these companies to focus on product/market fit before making their business completely operational. Participants who complete all three stages graduate with a functioning, scalable business.

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