Philip Nguyen


Philip Nguyen’s parents immigrated to the United States from Vietnam with one dream for their children: a college education.

“They never asked me to do any chores around the house or anything,” Nguyen says. “All they wanted was for me to do my homework and study hard.”

Nguyen has — and is graduating with a degree in chemistry. He says he fell in love with science in high school and on the job as a pharmacy technician in his hometown of Oregon City.

“I loved working in the pharmacy right away, and I wanted to learn more. I always asked lots of questions,” Nguyen says.

During his freshman year, Nguyen got involved in research, where he made friends and built relationships with mentors who encouraged him to apply to pharmacy school. Nguyen will begin studying for his Pharm.D. degree at Oregon State in the fall.

“I thought I would just be a number at Oregon State, get my degree and go home, but that hasn’t been the case at all,” Nguyen says. Instead, he stepped out of his comfort zone and became a tour ambassador.

The first thing I always talk about is community,” he says. “Meet people! You can always find common ground.”

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