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OSU is All Things Beer

Oregon State University is your most comprehensive and reliable resource for all things beer. From fermentation science education and state-of-the-art research to the nation’s first hops and brewing archives, as well as professional and entrepreneurial development, OSU is all things beer.


Fermentation Science Degree Program

At Oregon State University, we know beer. We offer one of the top fermentation degrees in the nation. In fact, ours is just one of two four-year programs in the country, with experiences ranging from hands-on training in our research pilot brewery to cutting edge research that brings new understanding to an ancient art. Located in the cradle of craft brewing and home to the Cascade hop, the variety that sparked the revolution, we’re surrounded by industry innovators and some of the world’s greatest hops. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees plus professional certification in the art and science of brewing. Learn more about our program and our alumni.


Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives

In summer 2013, the OSU Libraries & Press’ Special Collections & Archives Research Center (SCARC) established the Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives (OHBA) to preserve the story of hop production and the craft brewing movement in Oregon. OHBA is the first archive in the United States dedicated to preserving and telling the intertwined story of hops and beer. It is a project that documents all facets of the craft brewing industry and unites the social and cultural aspects of brewing with the sciences of OSU. Learn more.


Professional and Continuing Education for Brewers and Entrepreneurs

What is the craft beer experience? The taste. The texture. The smell of hops. The cold, smooth glass in your hand. The memories, and the people you share it with. The craft beer boom that launched in Oregon continues to thrive across the nation and around the globe. Our professional development short-course opportunities are designed to help brewers and entrepreneurs shape the craft beer experience in their own communities.

Our experts from OSU’s Fermentation Science program and industry leaders help our students understand brewing as an art, a craft and a science. PACE offers courses in all things beer:

OSU’s Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) helps you stay on top of current best practices in brewing science, quality assurance and business development.