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6 Wine Tips and Tricks for House Parties

Lots of people love wine at house parties, whether on its own or with their meal. We also pretty much know that wine drunk in moderation, even on a daily basis, can be good for your health. Some of us are experts when it comes to wine, while others don’t care too much about it, but just want to enjoy it.

Even if you fall under the latter category, there is nothing wrong in getting to know a little more about the subject. Let’s look at six wine tips and tricks that you can use for your house party:

1. Reading The Labels

You can just look for a few simple things when checking out labels. This can help you to choose better, the next time you are shopping for wine. Look for the name of the country. ‘Old World’ wines are wines from countries that are considered to be the first to make wines. Examples are France, Germany, Spain and several more.

Also, look for the year. These are printed out in full, such as ‘2007’. Now look for the region. Burgundy, Alsace, Bordeaux; certain regions are known for their high quality wine. Once you get used to it, then you can find out more about it and make better choices.

2. Invest In Glasses

Get yourself some decent wine glasses. These can make a difference. Ones with medium-sized bowls have the versatility for all wines. Look for ones with thin rims, as it can make the wine taste better. Just to be safe, try to hand wash these, instead of using the dishwasher. You may also have noticed that some wine drinkers swirl it in the glass first. Apparently, this releases and enhances the flavour, so get a good, wine glass so you can enjoy it more.

3. Stock Up On House Wines

If you are someone who likes to have some wines at home, try stocking up and buying house wines. It is always handy to have these ready. Go with versatile wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. If you prefer red, then Rioja and Merlot are great because they are pretty food-friendly. They do not have to be expensive either. These can make a good choice even when you just want to relax with a takeaway or if you had company on the weekend.

4. Storing

You may find this hard to believe, but it is better to store your wine on its side than upright, especially if it is corked. Yes, it may be true that when you buy it in the store, they tend to be upright. However, for proper storage, especially if is corked, place it on its side. The cork expands and prevents oxygen from entering. If the cork dries out, as is the case if it is standing upright, then the cork can dry out by letting air inside and causing premature oxidation.

5. Pairing Wine

You want to choose a wine that will complement the food you are serving. For example, if you are serving something that is sweet, then choose a wine that is acidic. It is also helpful to pair a food with wine of the same region. So, don’t pick a German wine to serve with an Italian pasta dish. And hey, you can even enjoy a Beaujolais with one of those cheap cup of noodles!

6. Think Inside The Box

Don’t disregard wine in boxes. It can be an economical and good choice, especially if you just want a glass, or use some for cooking. It can last for months. Some of the world’s biggest producers of wine are offering wine in boxes. Boxed wine also has less carbon footprint compared to bottles. If you watch every penny, then boxed wines are a great option for you, since you get more wine for your money.

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