7 Benefits of Candles and Their Best Advantages

For some people, we only think about candles when there is a power outage in their home. However, those of us who love candles know that they are more than just a pretty light source. It might surprise you that candles go beyond simple decorations. Many candles, especially scented candles, have some wonderful benefits.

Yes, natural candles are pretty, and they smell good. In addition, they come with numerous advantages, some which may surprise you. Here are the seven best benefits of candles:

Benefit #1: Candles help create an ambiance

Candles are beneficial because they create a relaxing ambiance in homes. Candles provide a soft, warm glow that can have a calming effect on anyone. Whether you are feeling sad, the weather is cold, or you want to make a room feel more warm and welcoming, light up a few candles to create a nice ambiance. It’s no wonder many people light up a candle when they want to meditate, relax, or pamper themselves in a warm bubble bath.

Of course, you have to take some precautions while burning candles. Don’t light them up near kids or pets or close to any object that could easily catch fire. You should also avoid placing them too close to each other. To make the most of your candles, keep an eye on them at all times while they burn instead of leaving them unsupervised.

Benefit #2: Candles set the mood for a romantic dinner

Another benefit of candles is that they can instantly turn any dinner into a romantic dinner. Place a few lit candles in the middle of your dinner table, and dim the lights.

Long tapered candles in elegant candlesticks are ideal for a romantic candlelit dinner, but the truth is that any candle can do the trick.

You could even get beautifully scented candles in a scent that will evoke some romantic memories for your partner and you. You can also go for candles that smell like roses or your favourite flowers.

Benefit #3: Candles can become a part of a daily ritual

If you have a daily meditation practice, lighting a candle can help you focus and clear your mind of distracting thoughts.

But even if you don’t meditate, you can use candles to create or improve any daily ritual. How about lighting a scented candle while you drink your coffee each morning? Or you could light one when you take your bath, while you get ready to go to bed, or while you write a few lines in your journal.

Candlelight could help turn any part of your routine into a meaningful event and encourage you to be fully present.

Benefit #4: Scented candles can improve your mood

Lighting a scented candle is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Of course, a scent you love will help improve your mood, but different scents will have different effects.

Are you feeling stressed out or anxious? A candle that smells like lavender will have a soothing effect. Citrus scents can instantly lift your mood, while the smell of eucalyptus will give you a boost of energy.

Learn more about aromatherapy, and get candles that will help you feel better and happier.

Benefit #5: Candles can stimulate your memory

Do you sometimes notice a smell that instantly triggers a memory? That happens because smells, emotions and memory are closely linked.

There are so many candle fragrances available that you are sure to find at least a few that remind you of pleasant memories.

Did you and you are significant another meet while spending summer by the beach? Look for a candle that smells like a beach cottage. Did you use to go camping when you were a kid, or did you pick wildflowers to give to your mom? Find a candle that takes you back to your childhood.

Benefit #6: Lighting candles in the evening can help you sleep better

Candles can help you sleep better at night for different reasons. Burning a candle with a calming scent before going to bed will help you relax, of course. Taking a few minutes to focus on the warm glow of a candle can also help you get ready to sleep.

We all know it’s recommended to avoid staring at a screen before going to bed. But even if you manage to turn off your phone or your computer early, sitting in a brightly lit room in the evening might not be the best way to put you in a sleepy mood.

Consider dimming the lights or turning them off and lighting up a few candles instead. Try it tonight, and see if it makes you feel sleepy.

Benefit #7: Candles complement any decor

Finally, candles are beautiful, whether tapered, shaped like a flower or an animal, or found inside a stylish container. They can complement any decor, even when you are not using them to create an ambiance or to relax and unwind.

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