7 Best White Wines for Different Occasions

For a beverage that has been around for around 2,500 years, white wine is still going strong as a fan favourite. It is a welcome addition to almost any gathering, and the plethora of varieties mean that even the least experienced wine drinkers can find something to wet their whistle.

Best white wine ever

Chardonnay is the highest-selling white wine in the world, likely due to the grapes ability to survive in a wide variety of climates. Due to the effects that climate has on the taste of a wine, this also means that Chardonnay can be quite different from one bottle to the next, and provides its drinkers endless variety.

Best white wine for beginners

In general, it is recommended that those who have not yet acquired a taste for wine start out with an easy white. A wine that is almost always listed as a winner for beginners is Pinot Grigio. It tends to be described as light-bodied and crisp, and doesn’t accost the taste buds as other wines may. Other great contenders for beginners are Riesling wines, which are almost always very flavourful, fruity and sweet, and sweet Chardonnay wines.

Best white wine for parties

Wine is a fantastic way to contribute to a party and show your recognition to the host all in one. But wine tends to be a very personal preference, and it can be nerve-racking to try to figure out which wine to choose. A safe bet is a Riesling, again, because of its tendency to be quite sweet and easy on the taste buds. As well, Sauvignon Blanc is generally quite a light choice, making it a good pick if you’re stuck on which wine to choose.

Best white wine for value

People tend to believe that the most expensive wine is the best tasting wine, and this is simply not true. Although the price of wine is partially determined by the cost of making and distributing it, there is a huge element of perceived value. Basically, wine prices go up because people will pay that amount. So while almost any cheap wine can be enjoyed, try a Vinho Verde, which can be picked up for around $10, but really makes you feel like you’re sipping on the pricy stuff.

Best white wine for sweetness

Sweet wines are commonly sought after by new and seasoned wine drinkers alike. For those looking for something on the sweet side, a Moscato can be the perfect choice with its light fruity and floral flavours. Riesling, of course, also wins in the sweetness category, as well as Sauternes, a sweet white wine from the Sauternais region in France, made from grapes affected by botrytis cinereal, a fungus that appears on white wine grapes, concentrating their sugars and flavours.

Best white wine for dryness

For those who prefer drier wines, Sauvignon Blanc is listed as number one in this area. They tend to be crisp and dry, due in part to the low levels of sugar that tend to be found in them. Another winner in this category is Albariño, a citrusy, acidic wine that tends to be light-bodied and is most commonly found in Spain.

Best white wine for variety

There are about 10 pretty commonly known white wine varieties, but there are actually thousands of grape varieties that can be used to make white wine. Ready to try something a little less common? How about a wine made from Malvazija or Malvasia grapes? Originating in Greece, these grapes are now found in various regions worldwide. The wines tend to have very powerful scents, and can range anywhere from very dry to very sweet.

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