5 Ways an Employment Lawyer Can Help You

Many employees have a good relationship with their employer. Sometimes it starts out positively, but things change down the road. If that happens and you experience discipline or lose your job, an employment lawyer can help. You may find the information and resources useful on the Levitt LLP website. Below are scenarios in which contacting a lawyer regarding an employment situation is necessary.

1. Assess the Merit of Your Claim

An employment lawyer can assess the merit of your claim. They can listen to what has occurred and help to determine if the employer’s actions were legal or unlawful. While you might think you have a valid claim, that may not be the case. If you don’t feel confident that you have a legitimate claim, a lawyer can provide information based on the history of other successful cases. They will have a wealth of information that can help with your claim.

2. File a Lawsuit Against an Employer

If it’s decided that a lawsuit is warranted, an employment lawyer will handle all of the steps involved in the process. This includes the discovery phase that involves collecting and reviewing documents that can make or break the case. Filing a lawsuit can be a difficult process made easy when you have a knowledgeable lawyer.

3. Prevent Wrongful Termination

If you believe you are going to be terminated and need advice on how to handle the situation, a lawyer specializing in employment matters should be contacted. They can provide guidance on what steps should be taken to prevent wrongful termination. In many cases, how you communicate with your employer will make a difference in the outcome. This includes being able to keep your job or leave the company with proper compensation as part of a severance package.

4. Review an Employment Contract

If you have received an employment offer, having a lawyer review the contract is important because it can ensure you don’t sign something that is not in your best interest. Sometimes there is language used in a job offer that can be detrimental to you. This should be avoided before signing the contract instead of trying to address the issue when a problem occurs and you’re bound by the contract.

5. Assist with a Job-Related Injury

Experiencing an injury on the job can be life-changing. While there are often policies and guidelines that employees are required to follow when an injury occurs, they are mostly focused on protecting the employer. Getting a lawyer can help to ensure you are properly compensated if you are unable to work because of the injury. The same applies to an illness acquired while at work.

A lawyer can assist with all of these matters to ensure the best possible outcome.

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