6 Different Types of Car Crashes and Their Characteristics

Driving our cars is the most convenient and efficient way to get from place to place. It is something we take for granted but comes with a high burden of responsibility. We need to be careful on the road, not only for our safety but for those we share the asphalt with.

Getting into an accident is terrible because everyone loses, from you, your car, public or private property, other drivers and the insurance companies. After a car accident, it is best to seek legal representation for yourself. You should contact a car accident lawyer Toronto for an expert consultation. They will guide you during the legal process.

While it’s best to avoid car crashes altogether, sometimes they can’t be avoided. Safe, defensive driving is the key to minimizing your chance of getting into an accident.¬†Here are the six different types of car crashes and their characteristics:

Type #1: Single Vehicle Car Crashes

These are the accidents that only involve your vehicle. They can be the driver’s fault or the result of swerving to avoid an unforeseen obstacle like a downed tree, an animal crossing the road or another vehicle coming into your lane. The result is damaging your car by making contact with an object like:

  • Telephone pole
  • Guard-rail
  • Tree
  • House
  • Ditch
  • Animal

To avoid this type of accident, always pay close attention while driving, avoiding distractions like eating, texting or making phone calls. Drive for the road conditions and weather, and keep to the posted speed limit.

Type #2: Head-on Collision Car Crashes

A head-on collision is among the most dangerous because you are directly hitting another car driving toward you. Even when driving slowly, the speed of both vehicles is added to the force of the impact. You are taking that full force to the front, which can cause serious injury and may even eject you through the windshield.

The best way to avoid this accident is to steer towards the right to give the other vehicle more room to get by and minimize contact with your car.

Type #3: T-Bone Car Crashes

Moving to the side of the car is an area where a crash can occur from another driver coming from a perpendicular angle. Their impact is head-on, so it looks like a “T,” and you are likely to sustain major injuries, especially if high speed is a factor. Usually, you don’t see these coming, making it hard to avoid, so wear your seat belt to keep you from flying around the inside of the vehicle. Even with the belt on, you are likely to experience the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussion
  • Brain injury
  • Potential fatality

As these usually happen at intersections, yield properly and never run red lights.

Type #4: Rear Ender Car Crashes

A rear-ender is a very common car accident when another car hits you from behind. You could be the one who hit another vehicle or be the recipient of a rear-ender, but either way, it is a dangerous collision.

Whiplash is a common injury from the impact because of the sudden, violent movement of the head and neck, and typically you don’t brace for the accident because it comes as a surprise. To avoid a rear-ender, keep enough distance between you and the car ahead, especially in bad weather. Also, don’t get distracted while driving; don’t drive if you are drowsy. Watch behind you when slowing down or at a stop in case someone is going to hit you. Then all you can do is brace yourself for impact.

Type #5: Backing Up Car Crashes

Sometimes you make contact with another car while backing up. This could be from your driveway, a parking lot or any other area where you put the vehicle into reverse. Someone else could also hit you while backing up and cause damage, whether driving or parked.

Make sure to use all your mirrors when backing up, even if you have a backup camera. Back out slowly and don’t have any distractions at all. You may return from shopping to find your car has been hit by someone else backing into our vehicle, but it isn’t much you can do unless witnesses around that saw it. If you can, try to park further away from the business’s front entrance and pick a spot with empty spaces around it.

Type #6: Multi-Vehicle Car Crashes

This is a dangerous situation and usually happens in traffic or bad weather. What may start as a fender bender a few cars up can quickly snowball into a multi-vehicle accident if drivers aren’t paying attention. If you are involved in one, stay in your vehicle until there are no more collisions behind you.

Other possible accidents include:

  • Side Swipes: This is when a car drifts into your lane and impacts the side of your car.
  • Rollovers: happen if you drive too fast and lose control or are hit and knocked off your wheels.
  • Windshield Damage: Your car’s windshield can be impacted by flying debris from the back of a truck kicked up from the road or blown against it from a storm.

These are the types of car accidents you may experience while driving your vehicle. The best you can do is drive defensively without distractions and hope the other drivers do the same.

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