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How to Include Decorative Corner Guards in Home Designs

Corner guards are a great way to protect walls from damage, but when most of us think of corner guards, we think of ugly metal corners that make any wall look like an industrial zone. The truth is you can make your corner guards look elegant, modern, rustic, or any other style you can think of with just a little bit of thought and creativity.

Below are the ten different ways on putting creativity in decorative corner guards:

1. Colour

One of the best ways to add decorative wall corner guards is to change the color. Depending on the material your corner guards are made of, you could consider using paint. Also, consider an appropriate colouring method to change the colour of the corner guards you have purchased.

You can effectively match the corner guards to your wall in this way to help them blend in, or colour them a contrasting colour to highlight some of the key colours in your room design. Either way, colouring is a beautiful way to make your corner guards more decorative than dreary.

2. Carved designs

Who says your corner guards need to be boring old rectangles connected in the middle? You can find corner guards with beautiful designs carved out of them that will make them focal points of the walls, and the envy of all your guests.

The thickness of the material will still allow the guard to work as a protector for your wall, while the cutouts will add exciting visuals, and make the guard look like a beautiful design piece rather than a piece of protective equipment.

3. Consider the material

The most common materials for corner guards are metals and plastics. This is because these are two of the most durable materials, especially when it comes to light bumping of wall corners. That said, a thick and durable wood could be used as a decorative corner guard as well. Consider the different materials available to you, and which will best flow with the rest of your home décor.

4. Texture

Corner guards are also available in different textures. Whether you would prefer a smooth or brushed surface depends on your needs and preferences. Different textures will provide unique visuals in your space, and an interesting texture can add significantly to the aesthetic of the room.

5. Get a finish

Instead of changing up the material, another consideration is to order a corner guard with a unique finish. Even if the corner guard is made of vinyl or metal, it can be made to look like a wood, granite, or marble material, while still maintaining the price and durability of the original materials. Or, get yourself some hardwood corner guards and finish them in a rich natural colour.

6. Unique designs

If you are up for something a little more exciting, maybe you’ll opt for a corner guard with a unique design painted, engraved, or airbrushed into it. The opportunities are endless as to what you can do with the design of your corner guards. Alternatively, you can decorate the corner guard yourself if you’re artistically inclined.

7. Play with size

There are many different ways the size of your corner guard can play to the décor of your space. Unique heights and widths will make the guard look fun and artistic, especially when combined with other decorative elements.

8. Forget the protection

You may not need the protection promised by traditional corner guards, but are just interested in applying a decorative touch to the wall corners in your home. This is a very liberating decision, as it allows you to abandon the more durable materials for those that are easier to work with and decorate.

9. Make it functional

Any home design tactic that employs a dual function is a win in most people’s books, and homeowners and interior decorators alike are always looking for elements that can serve more than one purpose. Consider installing something to act as a corner guard that can serve a second purpose.

For instance, if space allows, a small shelving unit could be used to ensure people don’t bump into the wall. Alternatively, a mirror-like material could be used to protect the corners, or some kind of lighting could be installed. There are many creative ways to implement corner guards that act as other features in a space.

10. Decals

Another design element that can be used to decorate your corner guards are decals. These are typically stick-on type designs that can be applied to virtually any material. In addition, decals can be custom ordered, so you can have any design you choose on your corner guards. They are also available in essentially any colour, and are easy to apply and cheap to acquire.

Remember, corner guards only need to be boring if you want them to be. Use one or a combination of several different decorating tips to take your corner guards from boring to brilliant without breaking your bank or burning up your spare time.

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